Memorial Prayers


To all our friends that have loved us through our 21 years or at least 
some part of it ... we thank you and are grateful for the laughs and 
the tears that accompany a wonderful life. She is at peace and with 
all the Furry Angels. She will be missed greatly.

1998- 1/8/07
Dearest Grace, there are no words. I love you to the moon and back, and I will love you every day of my life.
Rest in peace, little one.

1987 - 2007
A life well lived by a cat well loved. She will be missed by all who knew her. Thank you all for your kind and loving support.
In loving kindness, Lauren

Tiger ~ 15 Years
November 23, 2004
Today we lost one of our own. Tiger, also known as Mr. Studly, Ty-Boy, Mr. Boy and Mr. Man, was a handsome,  elegant orange tabby, dropped off at a shelter at the age of 10 because they didn't want him anymore. And so he came to live with us. And we were grateful to have him every day. He was a fabulous cat, my very own velcro kitty,  and we miss him terribly.

To my Beautiful Fur Angel Cecil
I focus my thoughts on your fur, soft and white. With love and gratitude for my dear friend in flight. With wings of spirit may my sweet friend depart. I love you ... I miss you with all of my heart.

Fanny Girl
Princess of Kitties, may the supreme speed your journey. May my love give you wings. Your sweet spirit will live with me forever.

Dear Sweet Feather
I will miss your funny ways, your paw on my cheek, the way you followed me everywhere. You were a good friend to Checkers; he misses you so much. You were so young, yet, now, I have peace knowing what happened. Know that I love you so much, there is a void in our home, it just isn't the same ... I love you Feather, rest in peace. From your mommy, with love. Linda

For Spooky & Katie
may you both play joyfully now and without pain.....you both brought much joy to the lives of your families.....your memories will live in our hearts forever. With the deepest love, Angie & Summer and Amy

You were a wonderful pet and friend to me and Mom, Dad, and Sean for over 14 years. We had no idea what a part of our family you would be when I got you so many years ago. Thanks for being there for all of us. Thanks for the great memories ... we will miss you. God bless and keep you. We love you. Kate

In memory of Cubby, our loving, loyal, happy, Baby Dog; your time with us was too short, only three years; may you be happy in Heaven, and may God hold you in the Palms of His Hands. Amen

My gray furred kitty. I miss you so much after 13 years of companionship, friendship and love. I picture you flying with the birds, legs outstretched with glee ... soar for your spirit is now free ... with love and prayers, Kathy, who carries your memory in my heart always, of my gray furred kitty, Sam.

Grethel, the most beautiful puppy girl in the whole wide world, the whole wide universe, all time past, present and future. I miss you more than my heart can explain little girl. I look to the day when we are reunited.

Never Forgotten
In my heart a lost friend resides. And in the corner of my mind, I know that we are connected for now and for all time. Reflections and memories that are poignant and dear, I sense you and feel you as if you were here. So know that there's a loved one that has never forgotten you, who stands behind you and protects you, for the joy of your heart, and the things that you do. The ties that bind us are too strong to sever. Just love and emotion that go on forever and never forgotten. Jason

There is a very empty spot in our hearts and in our lives.  We will treasure your memory and look forward to being reunited on "the other side" where we can cuddle again and give you lots of kisses and chicken treats.  We love you so much.  Mom and Dad

To Our Little Osh-Kosh
 You came into our lives so suddenly, and before we had the chance to love you for years and years, God took you to Heaven.  We know that you are running and playing with all the other kittens and animals.  We love you so very much and miss you!  We know that in God's Kingdom you are healthy and happy.  We can't wait to see you again!  Love,  Mommy & Daddy

 Elvis I miss you with all my heart
 I can't say how much I miss your cuddly body against mine
 You were so sweet and loving
 I would sing and you would listen
 If I was sad or mad, you were there
 You helped me so much
 I can't stop thinking of you
 I have dreams about you and sometimes I swear you are there
 I have another pet now but he won't replace you
 Even though you were a rat I still loved you and I will remember you
 and so will my friends
 They were scared of you at first and then grew to love you
 Elvis I will never forget you
 From your loving owner, Tracey

To my best friend Nikki-
 Words can't express the pain we feel since you've left.
 Having to live life without you is something that we
 can't get use to.  I miss everything about you.  The
 walks, rides, little speaks and the numerous fluffys left
 all around the house.  I know in my heart you lived a
 good life - but I wasn't ready to let you go so soon.  I
 hope and pray there is something more after death and I
 will see you again at the Rainbow Bridge.
 God bless you
 Love always mommy & daddy

You came to us during the Hurricane that we named you after. And in the 11 months that we had you, you became such a big part of our lives. Floyd, Floyd, my pretty boy, how we all will miss you.

To my beloved Aspen
Oh my baby how I miss you; when you died half of me went with you. I look forward to reuniting with you on the rainbow bridge. Only then will I truly feel whole again. Bye for now cuddles may you have peace and joy forever.

Barney Dau
R.I.P. This is in memory of Barney. He was a sweet dog. His breed was sheepdog. May he rest in peace. Amen

We miss you. We love you very much. He was a very kind bunny. He thought my finger was a carrot. We cried because you are in heaven. You were very nice.

You were the smartest dog I have ever known, the most gentle and loving. Your mom and I miss you terribly. Have fun in Heaven.


my baby girl, my cat, Buckshot
I miss you so much. I miss your kisses you would give. 7 years was not long enough. We all miss you, you were a big part of our family and you always will be. You will always be in my heart baby girl. Love, your mom Jennifer

Until we meet again over the Rainbow Bridge I will miss you, but I know you are healthy, happy and loved. Gramma will take good care of you until my journey is over and we are together once again.

We so wanted you to be a part of our life, but it was just not meant to be. But you did touch our lives the short time you were with us. We're so sorry and sad that you're gone, but we know in our heart of hearts that your are healthy and happy forever now. Know that we'll never forget you and we'll always love & miss you! Brian & Cris..


My little darling sweetheart Phoo, Forever always, I'll love you My little baby family and friend I can never accept that it's the end. I will always miss and look for you, My darling baby, my Phoophoo

Whisk, you'll be missed more than you could ever know. Please God watch over my little angel and keep him safe until we meet again. - Arleen

In Loving Memory of our beloved DOMI, who was our baby boy dalmatian for 10 years. We are lost without you by our side and you will be in our heart forever. See you at the BRIDGE boy. Lovingly Mommy & Daddy (Nancy & Joe)

Peacefully sleep, dear Duffy. The time has come when we must part. Your love will shine on forever in our hearts. Thanks for 13 years or precious memories. Until we meet again.

In Memory of My Darling Girl HEIDI MARIE Thank you for filling my life with love and happiness I will remember and love you always Your Mama

In loving honor of the passing of a kind, loving tabby cat Poncho. May you sit and gaze lovingly and warm with the sun on your back always. In deep thought and enjoyment the outdoor sun you soak in gives so much love to you, you can fill that empty spot in humans hearts we know you fly with your true family, glimmering, glitterful wings in a coolish...warmish painless place...

I miss you so much. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and the funny things you did. You brought so much joy into my life. You will never be forgotten. Love, Mommy

He was a fun loving, big jug-headed young boy...who was loved very much and was only here for 9 years he filled our hearts with joy...we will miss you Spike....rest in peace my friend...sadly missed and forever loved...the Trapani family

Heidi (Wasserman)
You were the love of my life who taught me the true meaning of love. I will love you all the days of my life and see you again someday. Debra Wasserman

Boozer, it is one year today that you left my side, but you never left my heart. Mommy

I cannot stop thinking about you. I miss you so much!!! MOMMY

After seventeen wonderful years, it was hard to let you go. You were more than a pet, you were family. We love you and offer this tribute as an expression of that love. Sadly missed by Gary, Tracey, Lewis, Martin, Harley and Tinkerbell

On wings of love may your spirit soar, onward, upward, evermore. Until at last your soul finds rest, in the arms of Bast, your soul is blessed.

You were another feral cat to some. You joined my outdoor family by your own free will. While I never touched you, you touched me in more ways than you ever could have know. Thank you for sharing your life with me. May you sleep in peace.

cheyco snipes
me and cheyco used to race together and play in his dog house and i used to feed him and take him plases with me allways and i did not get to say good by why did you diy on me brather i am going to miss you i know you are 120 years old

To my sweet baby dog... I miss seeing your funny face poking around after me. It's so hard to come home when you aren't waiting for me at the door. Love you pookiebear-- your best friend and partner in crime.

You were so warm and soft, and you squeeled with joy whenever we opened the fridge door in hope for some lettuce. I miss you little guinea pig -Justin

To our life pal, we will miss you "Spuddropeepochinski". Run hard, play tough...we'll see you again someday. Love ya.

You chose us more than 10 years ago to be our beloved kitty. The tragic end to your life of kindness hurts my heart. Your golden eyes and velvety soft fur and gentle purr will be with us in memory forever. Wayne & Colette

To You Charley: We all love you and will miss you forever. We only hope that you are up in heaven chasing those pheasants and hunting like never before. We'll see you again someday. Love: Your family

Jay, Maddie, and Emma's best friend. The whole family will miss her... Even Mother ans Dad and the rest of us. She died suddenly on Thankgiving Day.  We all miss her. She will watch over you all. Aunt Sue.....

Eight years was not enough. A hundred years would not be too much. Your generous, loving soul brought us invaluable lessons. Sleep well, dear one.

every night i say the song i wrote for you and i say it with all my heart so i could feel you in my arms i love you dolly would you come back one day?

I love you my Sweet Jazper, I hope you are having fun with your sisters Princess, Dutchess, and Alex. I miss them so dearly. I miss you all so dearly. Love your Mommie and Daddy

Molly and Whiskers
They were stray cats who showed up at the house about a year apart and passed away within two weeks of each other. We're glad we could give you a home and hope to see you in Heaven...

My dear little Samantha. Only you knew and only you understood. Thank you for your love, your companionship, and all that you were. Guard me always and never stray from Amber. Until we are together again....

I saved your life first, and in turn you saved mine.

daisy mae
i brought you home you were my pet i loved you more than life it;s self i miss you more each passing day your in my heart and there you;ll stay i love and miss you my angle

To our dear sweet Tom, not one day will go by without your sweet little face popping into our thoughts. We love you and we always will, we just wish that we could have shared an eternity of life together.

You were the most amazing dog that I have ever known and your spirit and will to leave touched so many people. Your Dad and I miss you more than we can say.

Montana 'White Fang" Ashby
You were the most beautiful creature that we ever knew! We miss your "serenading" us at night and your little "talks" with your daddy in the day. We miss you very much and have added a "ghost Shadow" in your memory. Love always,J&T

Tasha Sikora
My Best Friend I will miss you & love you so very much. Thank you for always being there for me. You are out of pain & suffering run & be free my friend.

My best cat girlfriend. After 20 years, you asked me to help you over the Rainbow Bridge. I miss your willfull, independent nature. I stayed until the end. Until we meet again, I will always love you.

a.k.a. Bud, Budman, Budinsky, Budster, Budmeister, Baby Buddy, Buddy Boy, Budderball, Budderbum, Best Boy, Sweet Boy. By whatever name you were called, you answered to them all. For such a small creature, you had a big presence.

I miss you lindsey my puppy girl you were the greatest and i hope you are riding around doggy heaven in a buggy you were so very specal and i loved you so much mom

Tigger (Fossiewig)
We will miss our beautiful grey striped boy with amber eyes. May your cat spirit live on!We will miss you always but treasure the 6 years we had with you.

There are no words for the passing of my calico girl.

The Name Said It All, You Slept In slipperz My Silly Girl. But you were just as fluffy and just as warm as any slipper. I miss you much and though long ago you pressed your nose to mine, The feeling will never leave -Lovin Hailie

Cricket daddys little girl
My sweet little bright eye little chihuahua, I loved you so! You will be missed very much by your family ,run in the flowers in heaven , Ill see you soon, My little baby

To my sweet baby, some say that Rottweilers are a dangerous breed--how you proved that wrong with your sweet and gentle ways. You loved everyone and everyone loved you. Ten years with you was not enough! I can't wait to see you again in Heaven!

Samantha "Manta" Kitters
You were my oldest child

Sweet Bonnie Girl
We know you have no more pain and suffering. You are in heaven with Tiffy your mommy Abby and brother and sisters Buddy, Dollbaby. You blessed our lives in so many ways and we love you always and forever. Be good and look for the rest of our family!

To my baby Sunshine: Today is the 5th anniversary of your passing. I miss you greatly but someday we will be re-united and will have all eternity to share together. Until then Grandma & Grandpa will look after and play with you. Love, Mommy

Cali Marshall
Uncow, we love you and miss you so much! Your sudden departure has surprised us and broken our hearts...we take comfort in knowing that you are waiting for us at the rainbow bridge. We miss you!

Kelly Joy Thorne
When I first held you in my arms, I said "I've been wanting you". Beloved one, I want you again. Wait for all of us - all those you love on the Rainbow Bridge. Mommy

Chow, I will miss you. I know you are in heaven looking down at me missing you. I want you to know I love you and will always remember you. You were my baby. May God bless you with your wings of spirit. I love you, my precious cat.

Darling Bella we both miss you . We love you still and we always will have you in our hearts. Since you have gone little Lucy has been taken from us. We know you would have loved her. your Mummy and Daddy xxxxxx

We were so blessed to have our little cocker in our lives for 15 years. We thank God every day for that great opportunity but grieve at the tremendous loss. We will always love and cherish the memories and will think of her always.

A careless human killed little tiger striped Callie today, may God be with his precious creature...

You were my everything, you made my life full of meaning, because you filled it with love and joy. I loved you and love you still. Be happy and well now, but come visit me often. You will never be forgotten.

My precious little angel. Life was so unfair to you. May you find the piece and happiness you so deserve. You are so loved and so missed. You're with God now and no longer in pain. Till we are together again. Love Mommy


Hot Ticket "Katie"
Katie- You were a friend, a trusted companion, a teacher, a healer. We were blessed to have known you and further blessed knowing you now continue to watch over us. We'll keep an eye on Barb for you. Love, Pat, "Mom" and Magatha

Princeton's Golden Nugget
You were ours to love for 16 years, still it was time to set your spirit free. You'll live in our alwaysand will be there waiting to welcome us home for no place could be called heaven without you in it. Love, Andy, Loree, Christopher and Stacy.

Tory (1984-1993) Demi (1992-1997) Kate (1987-1999)
Perhaps they are not the stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down.... to let us know they are happy! In memory of my beloved Maltese! P. Rightmyer

Granny Smith
Dear Granny, Your life was long, you told me when you were tired, it broke my heart to let you go,my heart aches missing you. Wait for me. We miss you so,I love you ,please watch over me and I thank you for being my companion, I love you Granny, Love Mom

Pee Wee and Trouble
Your lives were only 6 weeks,you were so full of life. I miss you both,Granny has come to watch over you, Wait for me at Rainbow Bridge,,,Love Momma

Casper Kott
God bless you on your journey to the bridge. You will soon be with Maliak,Tori and Anni. Until we meet again, remember that your mommy and daddy love and miss you very much, you will forever be in their hearts.

sweet Angel anni
May you never be alone or ill again. We miss you everyday, and you are never far from our thoughts. Eight years was not enought to share all we had to share. Gos is truely blessed to have you at his side. We Love You, Mommy and Daddy

Squeakers, you were so loved by your Mama and everyone around you. We'll always think of you when we eat McDonald's french fries! Wait for us and we'll be together again soon. We love you and miss you.

Crash & Colibri
My little darlings ... how much you taught me through your love and devotion and unconditional love. I miss you still after all these years - you are forever in my heart.

Firkin was one of those cats that liked people and dogs. The first thing she would do when a visitor would sit down was to sit on their lap. I had to let you sleep one final time. God bless presever and keep you always even unto the end of the world.

Tiny,beautiful, funny,loving. The angel sent to heal a broken heart. Too soon gone. Too much missed. I know she sits in GOd's lap now!

My dear beloved sweet Ozzie, I miss you so much my heart aches for you.Please wait for me on that Rainbow Bridge I can't wait to see you again. Love, Mom

To the "MR" Sammy
I miss you so much Sam, you were my faithful companion for over 16 years. Thank you for letting me put that silly hat on you on your 16th birthday. I know we will meet again. Mom

Buddy (Peanut)
You will never be forgotten. We love you and miss you so much. There isn't a day that goes by where we don't think about you. You are greatly missed. Much love, you brother and sister, Molly and Sammy XOXOXOXO

Midnight (00) & Callie (98)
To my two girls: The pawprints you left on my heart will never be forgotten!! -Mom

Jane "Miss Little"
Thank you for the last 20 years, I love you so much. I know will see you again soon. Mommy

By Beloved Sweet Tessie..God Knew my life was empty so he sent me and angel and brought you to my arms...You have blessed my life and you will always be a part of me. I now return you to God's arms. I will love you always!!

Sugar (or "Otis," to some of her friends)
i had the pleasure of knowing sugar for over half my life. she passed away on july 25, 2001. she has gone somewhere better, and i know i will see her again. thank you for 13 odd years of love and companionship, sugar, you are missed.

You were a present from God the day he send you into my life.I'm thankful everyday that he gave me such a special friend like you,to share 18yrs of my life with,.I love and miss you more everyday.love MommyXOX

A tear falls down my cheek as I mourn for you. But in time, I will see a tear fall down your cheek as you meet me at the gates.

I never knew how your departure would affect me so much. You took a little piece of my heart with you. You were like my other SON. I will always love you and miss you. Mommy

Fat Fatty
There's no one left to push past me out the door, grab and run with my flippies, eat raisins and peanuts with, and look for me when I return home. I'm missin' you, Ozzie. Susanna.

Dear God, Please watch over our Fang in heaven until we can all be together again. He was such a loving kitty and freely shared his love with everyone. He was such a brave kitty and we miss him very much. We love you Fang and we will miss you!

Fred, You'll never know how much you'll be missed. With each passing minute and hour I feel a bigger hole in my heart. I know you're happier now playing with Sandy and Chestnut. You will never forgotten. I Love You, Mommy

My Beloved Ceaser
It broke my heart to let you go - I was not ready for it to happen so soon. The void in our hearts will never be filled. We love you so much and miss you badly already. Take care my big boy. Luv, Mama, Daddy and Kleopatra

My Precious Little Muffin(1990-2001)
Muffy,I'm going to miss your bright little face,you were always so happy and full of life,12 years was not long enough. A part of me died when you left,but I know your with Jesus , your not in pain anymore. See you soon my baby. Mommy Loves you!

Our beautiful little girl. Your little heart couldn't take all the love we gave you. We miss you Patches.


I love you Melanie, oh yes I do. I love you Mel-dog, oh it's very true. When we're together, I'm never, never blue. I love you Melanie, I'm so in love with you.

"i love you smoky with all my heart you are gone now but your in my heart"."i loved the way you followed me and the way you layed your paw on me"." i miss you smoky. i lay my head down and think of you and tears come down my cheek".

No Fear
i love you NoFear.Still after so long i cry when i think of you. no one ever had to fear you thats why i named you NoFear i'll allways love you love,amber(mommy)

To my little girl Sunshine--your courage in overcoming all of your illnesses over the years made it especially hard to say goodbye to you yesterday. But you will always be in my thoughts and I will never ever forget the happiness you brought me.

Bianca Ramirez
Bianca, You left us today and we are all grieving for you. We know that God in his infinite wonder will let us see you again one day! We will always love you and you will forever be on our minds and in our hearts. Love, Your Family

10/8/87 - 9/27/01 What a good dog...we all loved you so.

My little sweet pea, Mommy loves you and misses you sooo much! One fine day we shall meet again with Allah before us paw in hand.

lady poppy marmalade
lady poppy and marmalade the birds will sing with you and the angels will fly with you see you in our dreams mammy

I miss you and love you. Not only were you my cat but you were my best friend. Always there when I needed you. You were the one that kissed away my tear. I will remember you for ever more. Love your sister Sarah.

Miss Kitty
You were our gift from God and my answer to a furry friend! For 15 years you brought happiness and smiles to our home. We love you and miss you! Love always, Paul, Sibyl and Marielle

My dear old friend Toney, I was but a boy when you came into my life, a man when you left me, but never so much a human as when you loved me. You were more than just a dog, you were my best friend. love always David

My little buddy Casey...i love you and miss you so much. My heart aches...you were a very special cat...i miss your purr and your eyes that looked into my soul. You knew so much.

We will miss Max forever. He came to us at 6 months and left us to cross the Rainbow Bridge at 12 years. He had such a cute cocker face and personality. What will we do without him? Bye, Max, we will remember you always...

Tiny 1984-2000
Tiny. You were my love my life my joy. You came into my life when I needed you most. Thanks oh my Tiny for giving me some of the best years of my life. Sadly missed. Your loving master.

Cassie, I was blessed to share 15 wonderful years with you. I miss and love you more than you will ever know. You are my family, and my best bear. I will see you again at the Bridge. Until we meet again, your Mom

We'll miss your big brown spot, your freckled nose, your pot-belly, your nub tail, and most of all your unconditional love. We WILL see you again someday! We miss you--Matt, Wendy, and Sidney

To Sunny our 10 yr old Golden Retriever who died too soon from cancer. We miss you. Your love was certainly unconditional and always accepting. My heart aches with your passing. We will love you forever. You will always be in our hearts.

Adopted summer of 1984 Departed with love 11-16-01 Another angel in heaven tonite Cathlyn

Lalo you were such a blessing and I trust that life with us was a blessing to, you will be missed and I am looking for a painting of a white kitty in memory of you we loved you and give paco a kiss from us love mom & dad on earth

Thank you for giving me nineteen years of love, affection and caring. I miss you so much, and I will never forget you and I will never stop loving you.


We will remember and love you forever. I know you are in peace and there is no suffering. One day we will be together again. Lots of Kisses and cuddles my boy. Your parents Beatrix and Slawek

Bandit (Boo Boo Kitty)
I raised you from a kitten and you followed me from California to Colorado to Utah where you finally found your final resting place at the age of 16. You were my companion through many tears and joys. You gave me comfort when I needed it.

Brandi Ann
Dear Brandi Ann I miss you soo very much. I wish you could come back to me!! I love you Miss Brandi---Border Collie with me for 9 years. We think somebody stole her. Love Shelly

In loving memory of our beloved Bentley Boy, We miss you terribly and are grateful for 14 years of love and affection. Sleep peaceful until we meet you at the Bridge. Lovingly, Mommy & Daddy ( Nancy & Joe)


Oct. 31, 2000 - Jan. 18, 2002 You will always be in our thoughts, prayers, and especially in our hearts. Thank you for blessing us when we sneezed. We love you very much, Rosie, Dawn, Snikkerz, Makkaroon, Fluffy Stuffy, Elmo, Zoee, Cheerioz

You brought so many smiles to our lives in the very short time that God allowed you to stay with us.We know that you are waiting to greet us when our time comes. We love you and will hold you in our hearts. Your God Mommy Karen

Beloved friend of Ty and Pam, Sarah and Doc, he has gone on ahead.

Even though you're far away, i think about you everyday. the gentle state of which you purred, the once in awhile murr, the way you hit against the door, your love will enhance me forever more.

Oh jazzy, the one in only lovable sweetest dog. we miss you everyday and wish you the funniest time of where you are in. please watch over us, and protect us from all evil. we love and miss you so.

buffy my body,my soul and heart seems to have stopped. i will never find a more devoted friend,you licked away my tears telling my it will be ok but i miss u more than words can say.i heard god named u after him DOG sleep well my friend

Jake was a good dog. Your lick made me feel happy when i was really sad. i don't care what other people say but you were and still is the best dog. you were always happy and so friendly.

My sweet baby girl. You know how mommy felt about you. I miss you so much. I know I will see you again. God, watch over my sweet angel cat. Love always, Mommy (Angela)

To Sadie my foster dog. You were starved by your owner, then sent to live @ the SPCA for over 2 years.You had no love in your life.I'm blessed to have had you for 5wks & to show you what love&happiness is.I will always love you.

we love you

Lots of loving memories were made in the 7 short years we spent together. We will forever struggle through life without you. You are always in our thoughts and forever in our hearts. Wait for us at the Bridge, pun'kin. Love, Mommy & Daddy

May 2, 2002
Jacquie Crampton stepped into eternity today. Jessie Anne & friends met her at the Rainbow Bridge.

Boo Boo
I had you for 16 years and when you passed away it broke my heart. Today I carry you in my heart and always feel you will always be that special cat that lived my life with me when I needed it most. I love you always, Carolyn xoxox

I love you "chuckie"...i'll never be the same... you took half of my heart...please wait for me in heaven... i hope you and "snoopy" get together and for me and your mom from heaven.

Precious sweet and loving Scooter puppy, The good Lord knew you were suffering, and oh how hard we tried, if our love alone could have made you well, you never would have died. May God take care of you for us until we are together again. Amen

Blackie 12-24-1990 - 4-22-2002
My sweet little angel.I miss you so much. May God walk with you til we meet again. Fly with the birds. No more diabetes, no more shots. Buster misses you so much and so do we.We love you Black-Man Mommy, Daddy, Buster, Tanner, Audree and Colton

Baby Redd
We will miss you and thank you for the wonderful life you gave us especially Kaliko and Mom. You were a good boy and had many funny times to share. God got another angel today. ^A^ God Bless and be at peace. Love always, Mom & Family x0x0x0x0x0x

You were a very shy little boy with a red nose but had a heart of gold. Rest in Peace with your brother Baby Redd. Love always, Carolyn & Family xoxoxoxox

Beloved dog of Al who passed away before Christmas. She loved him so much and wanted to be with him in heaven. God Bless both of you. ^A^ Love always, Mom & Family

My Sun Child, the Stars were out, and the Moon took you away. When the seasons change, and Christmas comes, God call his angels home. My sweet baby girl 12 years of blessed love. Wait for me. -your mama Delena

Sammy, you brightened all our lives and we miss you terribly-nightly walks, and your warm cuddles and kisses. We hope you're no longer in pain. We love you and miss you everyday. Love, Mom, Dad, Eddy, Danielle, Jill, Casper, and Baylee too!

Kelly (April4/89-May8/02)
Oh little Kelly Mom&Dad miss you so much we have 13 beautiful years together, we know you have no more pain & suffering.May God watch over you and see you at rainbow bridge my baby. love always mom&dad Chanelle&Tylor

You will always be my very special little dog who always gave so much love and was so excited to see me. I miss you and hoping that you are in peace. You were always in my thoughts, prayers and heart. Love always, Carolyn xoxoxox

Dukey and Sitka
Two very special dogs with so much love to give. Rest in Peace. God Bless ^A^

Julia Elizabeth Montrose
You brought joy to me even on the most fractious, mood-souring days with your buoyant, generous, loving spirit. Only 10 years together. I will miss you forever. My beloved Julie, I know you are in Paradise. Love, Ellen

You were a valiant, sweet soul whose time with us we would not have traded for the world. We love you more than we can say. "Mommy and Dad"

now i lay cats down to sleep we pray to the lord as they sleep please guard them through the night i wish to see the morning light

when you're in heaven will you remember me?

lady cat
although you do not remember me i remember you.  i hope to see you in heaven beauty queen


In your short life, you brought such joy and I learned so much about love and life, and myself. Ceud mile tapadh leibh, cat dubh.

I love you, my beautiful Sweet Spoofy spirit. You blessed my life with your eager, happy and devoted ways. I will love you forever. Until we meet at Rainbow Bridge, Be Happy, my sweetness.

Boo Boo Carpenter
Precious Boo Boo rescued 6/13 and passed on 6/20/2002. We loved you Boo Boo even though our life together was so brief. We will miss you so, and now you can rest in peace in heaven. Love Donna and Larry Carpenter.

April 21, 1989 - June 21, 2002

I will love you always, My First Child, My Bestfriend, My Snuggle Buddy, My Couch Potato Pup. I shall never forget you. I am lost without you. I MISS YOU ....I LOVE YOU...

i'm only 11 and i had to see my little dog get hit by a car and bleed to death

Jody, Cody, Bagheera
You were the best dogs!We all Miss you very much!!!!I love you.Love Always Samantha and Family

You were the best little pup ever!We all miss you sooo much even your mom and dad and brothers and sisters!!Let god be with you all!!Love always Samantha and Family

We all miss you!!I love you!!Love Samantha and Family

Brittany (Witters)
Oh, Brittany, the dog I have loved for 10 years. You were like a big sister to me! I miss you sooooooooooo much and can't wait to see you again some day!!!! Love, Megan :D

Brittany (Britters)
I miss your soft fur and your warm eyes and especially the way you were always by my side. I look forward to seeing you again at the Rainbow Bridge. Until then, play and be happy. Love, Mommy

Charlie, you may not be here with me right now and I miss you terribly. I know that we will be together again. I love you so much! Thanks for blessing me with 18 1/2 special years! You are always with me in my heart! Love, Mom

Jade Straus-Thieme
Jade, you will be incredibly missed! Smart, loving and always there providing companionship. You'll live in our hearts and thoughts forever. Love always, your dads, Lee and Greg

Freckles "Meowies"
May you rest in happiness for all eternity. Someday we will be together again, so don't be scared. We will miss you and remember you for all time. We love you kitty.

I can't believe it's been one year since you died. I miss you every single day. Since Oni passed away, I am truly lost without my "guys". Pepper, take care of Oni - she missed you so much, now you two are together again. Love Mommy

My heart aches for you.My life is so empty without you & Pepper.Your death came unexpectedly.I miss you so much. You were Mommy's stinky litte girl.I hope you died knowing I was by your side and held you and loved you until your last breath.Love Mommy

In memory of Trooper, our loving, loyal best friend. We know you now have no pain and suffering. You are happy and playing, waiting for the time we will be reunited. Mommy and Daddy love you forever and ever.

Shelby Hays
We rescued you from running the streets only to have you endure pain from Heidi biting you. While we slept you needed us and died unexpectly. We feel we let you down. We love and miss you so very much!! Mom & Dad

TRIXY (our precious guinea pig)
I know you are now in Heaven with God, Jesus and the angels. It is now Gods turn to take care of you until your daddy and me join you in heaven for eternity. You brought much joy into our lives, we miss you more than words can say!!

My lil' peepers
So soft and snow white, your eyes bright and full of life. My sweet little angel boy, thankyou for loving me and touching my soul. I miss you so much it hurts. I will always love you Caesar, Mommy

Roosavelt,I wish you were still here meowing for me to pet you, with your heart of gold you were always kind and gentil to everyone you met, I think your meow was not only to ask me to pet you, but to tell everyone around you that I was yours.

Mighdnight Pepper, I wish you were still a kitten snuggling in my arms. You were a bad boy at times, but I thought you were the best kitten in the world. I still have your picture!

Genie,you were naughty when you were spade but funny when in season. Your husband and son are gone but I still have your daughters! I miss you all a lot. Love your allways remembering owner, Andrea

Of Toy Poodles you were the best. I knew when I saw you that I would be blessed. I loved having you to love and to hold. I never wanted you to grow old. I know you will always be my good friend waiting for me in Heaven to be reunited again.

Bailey Marie Walk
Bailey, you were my very best friend. It killed me to have to put you into your final sleep. The tears I cry are tears of joy for all the wonderful times we spent together and for your unconditional love and devotion, you will be forever missed.

Kasha, our little sister. I know that you are with Mom now and as happy as I'm sure she is to see you, we are even sadder that it was your time to leave us. We will see each other again and the memories you left us with will fill the time between.

Reggie, I am so thankful that you came into our lives - even for the short time you were with us! I feel your presence every day and know that you are watching over your Mommy!! We will meet again my precious Sweet Peaches!

We love you and miss you.

Sweet Brownie
Perhaps you're our puppy angel now. The short time spent with us felt like precious years. Even though you're not here, you've never left our side. Thoughts of you bring tears to our eyes, not of sorrow but of joy of the great memories you've given us.
WE LOVE U, your Eddie & Eva

Timmy Ellis
I know you're with Nana Lucy now. I only hope that she holds you close and sends you back to us. We miss you more than you could ever know. Letting you go hurt us so. We love you ...  so long to our "good boy."

You were my companion, but now you're in Heaven. And, now you're an angel. Sometimes I can feel your sweet presence which helps me to know that you are still with me. We all miss your sweet face. Take care of her God.

Every day you've been in my thoughts. I miss your fur and warm kisses and how you followed me everywhere. I miss how you loved to go out and smell every leaf and tree you could find. I will forever miss you and hold you in my heart.

I hope you are happy and eating all the steak you want. I hope you are not sad like I am that I don't have you anymore. I pray that you thanked me for letting you go that day. I pray that I see you again.

To my sweet loving puppy. I had you for such a short time, but you touched my heart in so many ways. I started a website and fight against parvo in your name. May you live on in the other pets that I help save in your name.

Minou Matthews
When you died you took a part of me, and I won't be whole again until you are once more sitting in my lap and sleeping near me. I'm sorry I wasn't there to say goodbye my baby boy, my kitten of love for 13 years. Your mum cat.

Sweet Winnie Girl. I dressed you in my doll clothes as a young girl, and held you in my arms as you passed on 17 short years later. You brought us so much joy and love. We miss you everyday.

Nicholas "Little Woozel"
We never thought you'd leave our family. God had other plans. You loved us without fail. Watch over Grandma & Grandpa for me. I can never own another Shih Tzu - you broke the mold with your love! Mom-Lisa- Gary

My little girl you were taken too soon. You came into my life when I needed someone and now you too are gone. I will never forget my baby girl. I miss you dearly. Find Ronnie and Sneakers, play and be happy until the day we three are together again. Love mom

Sneakers when you came into my life your best friend turned out to be Ronnie, a dog. I guess you missed him so much you had to follow a short time later. I miss both my boys very much. Watch over Ronnie and now Missy. Love mom

Ronnie you came into my life and brought me so much joy, you were my best friend. Not a day goes by I don't miss you. You had given me 10 wonderful years of memories and I will always love you. Take care of Sneakers and Missy. Love mom

"...Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you... I loved you so - 'twas Heaven here with you." ---Isla Paschal Richardson

You were the best! There is a big hole in my heart- 10 1/2 years was not enough of your special smile- I never thought that we would lose you that suddenly and fast. I hope that you are eating apples and playing with Mollie. We miss you terribly.

Goodbye my sweet kitty, my B boy, my favorite boy cat, my faithful companion of 14 years. I chose you because you were born on my birthday, and will always love and miss you ... mom Nov. 12, 2002

There are so many things I wish I could say. But know you are my best friend and in my love no one could ever take you away. I know you watch over me from the fields of flowers and grass from up above, showering me with all of your love.

Sing-Sing aka TING-TING - 20 years old
Sing-Sing, I stayed with you till the end we miss you so much 20 years you were beside me I have never had a cat like you. Thanks for bringing Princess home. We love and miss you, Mom, Dad and Erin

It's only been a short time but I miss you so much you were the sunshine to my days we will never forget you and will meet again, until then take care my love Mom

He survived a nasty deer tick at the Wisconsin Dells and a Pitbull attack. I am thankful I will always have a scar from that to remember him by. HE HAD THE HEART OF A LION. Not goodbye, Jasper. Until we meet again.

To my beautiful baby girl Saffy, my light, my love, and treasure- I will miss you until the end of time. Mummy

You are gone from our home, but not from our hearts. We all love you and miss you.

For "Angel," a dog who had a miserable first year, and passed away days after being rescued. She knew love in her final hours!

Shasta Ann & Pepper Marie
My Siberian Huskies. You were waiting for Daddy when he got there, of that I am glad. Now Miss Pepper is there, my sweet angel puppy. You were my heart and soul. Almost 16 years of loving each other. All Our Love, Mommy, Toby Leigh and Rusty Wayne

Madison & Dexter
My little boys ... I miss you both so much. You made me so happy with your love and affection and understanding ways. I will always treasure our time together and hold your memory close to my heart. Momma love you.

To my beloved Sasha, You were my soulmate, my best friend, the object of my affection and you loved me unconditionally. You were more than just a cat and you'll be in my heart forever. I love you so much. Your Mommy Dale

I will love you always and forever and will wait for the time when we can be together again. Now you will not be in any pain. Thank you for everything. You were the best cat in the whole world. MOMMY LOVES YOU!

Choice & Geisha
I miss you two so much and hate March. Geisha was gone on March 26th and Choice on March 24th. We will see each other again at Rainbow Bridge. I love you and miss you alot.

3/23/90-12/30/02 I feel blessed to have been part of your life. You are missed not only by me but your big kitty sister, Kayla and your younger doggie sister, Lady. Rest in Peace. See you on that Rainbow Bridge.

For more than 13 years you gave us your love and brought balance to our lives. You will always be our baby. There's not enough room in this world for our pain. We miss you so much, little girl. Mom and Dad will be home soon. We love you so much.

SASHA HENDEL  12/28/84-1/7/03
Dearest Sashi, Tomorrow I get to see & kiss you one last time. You brought so much joy, happiness, affection & fulfillment to my life. I love you so much. I feel so incredibly fortunate that we found each other, my special boy. XOXO, Mommy

You were a true friend, my little Ginny. Always a ball in your mouth and ready to run and play. I miss you so much. You will always be in my heart. Be good.

My little boy, my little hamster, Gadget, you were there for me endlessly. I wish I could tell you "I love you" one last time. Loved in my heart, remembered in my mind, and with me in spirit, I love you, Gadget. Love, your human mommy, Karina.

Meme 1993-2003
To our little angel, you were so tiny and fought so hard. We could not see you suffer and had to let you go. Your little paw prints are all over our hearts, baby. You gave us nine great years. Rest in peace, sweetie. We miss you.

Dearest Sebastian, We will all miss you, sweet Seabass, but most of all, your "Mom," Carin. God's blessings to a very magical kitty!

My little boy - words cannot express how much I miss you, Ori. You have been my world and my support for the last eight years. I hope you are happy where you are and you know how much you mean to me. Love Mummy. xoxoxoxox forever.

Murphy (14/10/01) & Tinkie (28/10/01)
My two babies taken so suddenly. So different, My Murphy Girl the big friendly GSD & Tinks the feisty feline,  but so loved. I know that you are waiting at the Rainbow Bridge. The hole you left in my heart will never be filled. I love you. Mum xx

My sweet boy, so strong, so kind ... a friend we were so lucky to find,
Now you are our angel with a loving eye ...
you'll live on forever, never to die.

Although I only shared my life with you for a short time, you affected me deeply. You were so patient with me, and you kept trying despite all your pain. You were an amazing little dragon, and there will never be another like you.

Born August 26, 2002 - Died February 17, 2003. Although you were only with us for a short time, you filled a place in our hearts that we can never forget. I hope you are happy in heaven. I will see you again. Love you very much. Mom

Ratty Girl
My sweet girl. I miss you so much. You were my whole world. You were my sunshine. I miss you riding around on my shoulder. I miss you studying with me. My Ratty. I love you always. xxxx

Our beloved 14 year old cat passed away March 8, 03. We will miss you and love you, Tash. I miss your sweet kisses and cuddles, too. Love always, Mom, Dad and sisters. I love you !@!!!!

June 15, 1985 - March 7, 2003. You graced our lives for 9 years. We will miss your special ways. You will forever live on in our hearts.

You are the best. I miss you so much. You were always here for me, you never let me down. I love you.

March 17, 2003
My golden-eyed beauty passed tonight. I opened the door and watched her soul catch the breeze on this windy, moonlit night. Rest in peace, my snaggle-tooth Tortie-Girl.

To my beautiful cat sadie, you were a perfect lady until the end, may you have peace in heaven and remember we love you.

I'd like the memory of me to be a happy one
I'd like to leave an afterglow of smiles when life is done
I'd like the tears of those who grieve to dry before the sun
Of happy memories that I leave when life is done.

To my little best friend! Thank you for 21 years of love and happiness. You have been a gift from heaven and now it's time for you to return to that sacred place. Until I see you again ...

My angel who slept on my shoulder is sitting on God's shoulder -- and I know she makes Him laugh. I will love you my sweet baby for the rest of my days. See you at the bridge, angel.

SAM Walter
I will always be with you, for I am your angel that will lick away your tears and make you smile. Always know I am by your side - for now I have earned my wings to spread and hover over you.

Our dearest, sweetest baby Mick ... we will miss your loving face and gentle touch and remember your most unique and endearing personality forever ... Love always, Mom, Dad, Jen, Sarah and your doggie mom, Maggie XXXXOOOO

Lady Macbeth
You were the world to me. I will never forget the time we shared together. Rest in peace!!

Rest in peace, my darling. I'll see you one day ...
Lots of love from Luli and Greg

Emmy Lou
We had you with us for 17 beautiful years. You were a part of our family and we loved you very much. Until we meet you and cross the rainbow bridge together may you play and find peace. You will always be in our hearts.

Rags my darling Rags. How you blessed this world. Your love, your sweet face, and the way you stayed so close to Mom when she was near the end of her life. How I love you, precious little one, and hope I see you soon at the bridge.

A Rottweiler in a Maltese body, you protected us from the mailman, joggers and blowing leaves for 9 wonderful years. Thank you, our baby shadow prince, for always allowing other companion animals to share your home and humans. We love you.

Chipper & Chice
You were both here and gone before your time. You both truly had your special qualities. I will see you both at the bridge and we will play again. I love you both.

Bud Dog
My dear Buddy boy, how I still ache for you ... I will never forget that day at the shelter when I first laid eyes on you. Miss you lots, Buddy boy. Love always, Momma.

Kane Gallick
You will always hold a special place in our hearts for your unconditional love. God graced us with 20 years of your precious love and memories. You are truly missed and forever loved. Sister Jill, and Mom and Dad Gallick, and Pepper

To our little "tinky" - Mommy and Daddy loved you so much. Now you don't have to suffer anymore. Stay with us forever in our hearts. We love you "Bandit." Mommy and Daddy

For all the joy and years you brought, may you rest in peace and be free of illness and chasing lots of butterflies!

I wanted a puppy and went to the animal shelter to find that perfect dog. After looking for several weeks I found a mixed breed. She was the one for me. I found out later she was a pit bull mix. What a blessing! Love you Forever and still miss you.

Doder Roder
Thank you for sharing your life with me, Shaddeau. Your strong quiet presence will be sorely missed but your spirit and soul will remain with me forever. Remember, you can't shut the door to heaven! Forever love, The One Who Loved You Most

Thanks for 12 years. You were one of the purest souls ever and I'll cherish our memories together forever. I hope that you're happy where you are now, and that you'll think of us from time to time. I await the day when we'll see each other again.

I think of you every day, Smokey, and will always love you with all of my heart. I know we'll be together again some day! Thank you for bringing so much  happiness and love into my life.

Isis, Bijou, C.J., Buckwheat, Peaches, Blackie
Beloved felines ... You were the sweetness of my life. My heart will miss you always. Mommy

Sammi Jr
Rest in peace oh Sammi Boy
You gave us so much joy
You were so smart
We loved you with our heart

Corbett Thomas
September, 1991 - May 20, 2003
Corbett Thomas, best friend of Alicia and gentle grand-dog of Joanne, made his transition today in the arms of the one who loved him best. May he rest in peace.

You were a good dog who was in the wrong hands before me- sorry I couldn't do better by you- you come back and haunt those people who abused you girl!

Chandler, you have a very special place in our hearts. Your passion for the water and obsession with tennis balls will always be remembered. Mom and I miss you and will always appreciate the love you showed to us. Mom and Dad

March 12, 1999-Jan 21, 2003
My precious little girl, I miss you so very much its been almost 4 months now without you, I still cry and think of you.  You will always stay in my heart, and in my thoughts.

I will never forget you, no matter how much time goes by. Thank you for 12 years of unconditional love. I hope I made your stay here on earth a happy one. I love you. Laura

Toby Pie
Toby pie- is the light that shines on a dark day. If she could smile, I know she would always. In heaven she knows a better place. To look upon my tears and wipe them away with a lovely blink and a loud purr. I loved her. My best friend.

Bud D. Katt
It hasn't been a week and I miss you so much. I thank that you trusted me in your time of need even though I wish it was me. You will always be in my heart and my thoughts. Love always. Padzilla

Passed June 17, 2003
My angel girl leaned into the peace and harmony of forever today. Was she ever loved... and how much love she brought me back. She is no longer in pain and her memory will be cherished so long as I am around.

My darling Coco
oh baby girl i'm lost without you, you were the best, sweetest, most loving friend i've ever had ... sweet dreams of rides in the car and trips to mcdonalds and babies- all the things you loved

September, 1984 to October 23, 2002
You will always have a place in our family and in our hearts.  Thank you for your love and personality!

To my Furry Angel, Floyd.  We love you and miss you with all our hearts.  You were our friend here on Earth, now you are our angel in heaven.

Sunny Dean
Dear Lord, Thank you for the life of Sunny, who brought joy and great comfort to Jason and Kari, especially in the last few months. Thank you for giving Sunny to this world Lord! In Jesus's name, Amen.

Ombre Jo Brown
I have loved you since the first day you joined our lives. You gave me my beloved Smudge and his sisters Lady & Reidi. You always knew you were the most special dog to me. I will cherish your memory & call to you my JOJO bear. Love Aunt JUJU

Liebe Powers-Meadows
To a dog who glowed with health, shone with spirit, and now soars with the angels, We love you, Liebe. Thank you for 15 years of love and bliss. Our love always,Tom and Paulaxx

Bobo, Boo Boo & Tommie
Thank you for making our family complete.  We will always be together.  I love you guys.   Thank you for your loving presence.

Bear Marcolini
16 years was not long enough. Bear was our best friend, our little boy, our hero, and our saving grace. We will never forget you, our sweet guardian angel.

Bear (Moon Pie)
How I love you my little Moon Pie. You were my everything, and I miss you every day. I still have your blanket in my drawer, never to be used by anyone but you. You are my baby still... love, your mom

Shakes -- You are the sweetest friend I have ever had.  I miss you so much.  You are my heart and soul.  I love you so much.  You will be in my heart eternally.  I love you sweetie.

Louis aka "Louie" Kneib
April 6, 1990 ~ July 25, 2003
Louis was handsome, smart, loving, loyal, fierce, willful & whimsical. We were lucky to have had him in our lives and we will miss him every day.

Dusty, this is a tribute to you from your mommy. I loved you with all of my heart and soul - you were my baby boy and you gave me strength and made me happy more than you could know.  I am going to miss you but I will never forget you.  Love, Mommy

Funny Face
I love you. Thank you for being my angel. You will never be forgotten. Your momma

Miss Meka
To my precious Meka. Your love and companionship go beyond words. I miss you every single day and the pain of losing you is sometimes unbearable! Until we meet again on Rainbow Bridge Meka......... I love you girl, Mommy

You were loved by all of us and we are saddened by your departure from earth.  Enjoy your new found energy and we will see you soon.

Watching you trying to eat the sprinkler and bark at the vacuum was always good for a laugh. Giving me lots of doggie kisses when you sensed i was sad always made me feel better. You helping me open christmas presents was always so much fun. Everyone who met you loved you, Louis. Your strong spirit will always be with me. I love you!!

To my precious lovebug. Not a day passes that I don't take the time to look at your picture & remember the special times we shared. You are my forever dog. You live in my heart until we are reunited again. I love you & I miss you very much! Mommy

I love you so.  You were loyal and loving.  You are my true and beloved always.  I hope you are happy again.  I will miss you tremendously until we meet again and kiss.

Sophie you were my beautiful siamese baby taken from me way too soon. I miss you more than words and tears can say but I am glad you are in heaven now with a body as strong as your spirit was. You will be in my heart always.

You were the best friend I could ever ask for! I hope I made your life on this earth a Happy one. You will be in my heart forever!!

Nineteen years is a long time. You served your Maker well with your gentleness and little life. I wish you rest.

Ashley Boo Boo
My sweet soft furry angel boy-thank you so much for 15 years of unconditional love, patience and gentle understanding. I miss you so much. Knowing that one day we will meet at the Rainbow Bridge keeps me going. I love you. Mommy

Moose, you were the best dog and one in a million.  God must've needed a very special angel.  Melody asked if we think Jesus remembered to feed you today ... eat all you want now Moose! You BIG wonderful dog you. We ALL love you!

Goldielocks, my golden girl, you just left us yesterday and our hearts are breaking. Fly away, but wait for Daddy and me.  We'll be reunited someday.  Until then, our love is with you, Goldie Cat.

You were the child we never had, you loved us like parents. Gympy you gave us 18 years, if only it could have gone on forever.  You were never just a cat, you were our baby. Sleep tight.

A wonderdog. You made me so happy and you were the best friend to Jill. I miss you banging your dish, playing with moo choo, giving hi fives as the funny fresh punk that we love so very much. You are an angel and we love you forever. Love Ali

Our dearest Monte~ take flight onward towards the heavens. You are gone, but never forgotten. You live in our hearts forever. We love YOU!

Boomer you left a hole in my heart that will never be filled.  I will see you again someday my friend.  We will walk side by side again.  I miss you and love you so much.  Keep you tail up, and your head proud.

You'll always live in my heart and be my most special boy. Jan Flagg will love you til we're together again & can play with balls, run in streams, roll in leaves & slide in snow, together. Mommy loves you, Daily, run free with Springer enthusiasm!

Remember Buddy, "All Dogs Go To Heaven." You are now, and always will be, my friend. I am sorry I could not be with you at the end when you needed me. Please forgive me. I think of you often. Best Friends are forever! Goodbye Boom.  --John

My little boogyman, I can't believe you are gone!  I love you so much!  10 years was too short!  You will always be in my heart!  Until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge! Love, Mom!

you are missed so ... my soulmate ... my love my comfort and joy

Dear Lord, I hope there is heaven for animals of this world.   I can see Fawnie up in heaven with God holding her.  Amen.

Your time was short, but the impact you made will never be forgotten. You were loved by all. A true spirit, may it guide you always. A friend, companion ... rest in peace.

My little "Mitten" you were only a baby, not even three, I will miss you every day.  Thanks for all the happy memories you left us with.  Now you are my little angel.  I love you -- Lynda

Nicki Newton
Dear Nicki, your mom and i love you very much and miss your sweet, loving face.  you will always be close to us in our hearts.  we love you sweetie boo bah! ~ love and X0X0X0X0 your aunt michelle

We miss you so much! Thank you for being the BEST friend I could ever have for almost 15 years. You are truly our angel now. We will see you again soon, and then we can ALL chase tennis balls and eat ICE CREAM!!! We love you, little "Skittle-bop"!

You will be missed, we all love you. Enjoy your time in Heaven and we'll see you when God calls for us to join you. Until then... Love always, The Francos

I hope that she makes it through  this day and does not suffer long.

Molly Boo
My heart breaks. There is a void in my life. You were the most beautiful girl. You were my angel here on earth and I miss you so. I know that you were sick, having a hard time being your regal self. I loved you so- 'twas heaven here with you.

Tilo, we miss you always but you will always be in our hearts.

You gave me love and joy and happiness during our short two years together.  I loved you like no other. I know you are in heaven having great joy and fun.  Mamma loves you and waits till the day we will be together again.  Love you, my BOOBEAR.

In loving memory of my precious BJ.  You loved me unconditionally and I will miss you terribly.

Tom & Geri
I watched and learned from them everyday
From their whisker twitches, to the way they'd play
And now as i look in their empty hutch
I realise that i loved them very much
x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Cindy, Andrew, Sam and Max all miss you Silver. You were a good dog in a good family. Be close to God and run free without pain. They miss you Silver. May you always have the love this family holds for you, close and warm as you were to them.

Ms. J is for Jingles
My beloved Ashley came to take you to Rainbow Bridge on 11/27/03. Your family and I miss you so very much. Until we meet again, know all of us miss you and love you very much. Auntie SQ OXOXOXXO

Ms. J is for Jingles
You were our celebrity, comforter, guard of home and family, our delightful, adorable, precious furry baby. We are comforted that you are pain free and in God's loving care. Love, your family.

To our beloved Dillinger, we love you and miss you, and always remember you in our hearts.

For such a rough exterior, you touched many hearts. For 16 years you stood by me in the darkest of nights & celebrated with me in happy times. You're in a safe place now, and someday we'll be together again. Take care baby girl. I love you! Mommy

If Tears Could Build A Stairway
And Memories A Lane,
I'd Walk Right Up To Heaven
And Bring You Home Again !!!

We love you dearly, Whiskey!! And miss you deeply... Luv, Mom & Dad

You had the sweetest disposition and beautiful green eyes.  I can't believe it's been almost a year.  I still miss and love you.

Samantha Ann
My little Angel, mommy misses you and loves you so much. Annie Mae misses you . You will always be in my heart. Thank you for bringing so much joy into my life. Love Mommy & Annie

Beloved Dorothy:  This Christmastide - nearly 2 years after your death - I hold you in my prayers and send you lots more love, along with a generous THANK YOU for all the wonderful memories you have given me over the years.

I had 15 happy years with you. I am going to miss you VERY much. Saying good bye to you was one of the hardest things I had to do. When I held you for the last time and you looked into my eyes, I knew you would soon be at peace.

My Suzie Q...you were such a special part of my life for 10 years and now 9 years later I still miss you. I hope you are with Grammy, she loved you too. I'll see you again my precious friend............Mommy

Every day I think about you and Know that we will be together, you were my friend and companion, in good and bad times you were always at my side. I miss you.

A little black and white beagle is your face, a loving boy dropped off at the pound. I brought you home and you brought to me love. I thank-you with all my heart. Oliver Coleman Nov.-Jan 7 2004 Your mom polly

We had you for 9 short years.  I know in time we'll see you again at the Rainbow Bridge.  It's only been  3 weeks my friend but we still miss you and will love you forever.    Until we meet again.   Love Mom, Dad, and Jill

Haley Christine
I pray that you are running free and being silly with Betty Jo, Smokey, Chloe, Credit, Hannah and Girlie.  You will be forever in my heart.  Nikki

Darla Sue
If tears could cry a river and memories, a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven and take you home again. Forever loved and missed.

My Dearest Simba, You were so special to me - I miss you so much!

Our beloved Tomáshek
our hearts just cry for you... we miss you and will always love you
Petra and Peter

To my Sparkala- You will always be my "Spark of Life." I will miss you...

To Allah we belong, and to Allah we shall return.
My grief is enough that fuels the hell fire's burn.
I know it is not my place to ask Allah why,
All I can say is Allah loved you so much he took you suddenly...and that is why.

Mindy ~ 8/17/87-1/27/04
You were a gift from God & our lives were changed forever. We were blessed with 16½ years. It wasn't enough but your body gave out & it was time to go. You & Duffy are together running free. Love Mom

My family and friends will forever have our dear Molley in our hearts and thoughts! You brought us such joy and love, little Molley Girl. Your heart gave so much unconditional love to all who met you! We will never forget you, little girl!

Lady until I meet with you over the clouds above, I shall remember you with tears of love and happiness of the good times we shared together you were a lovely lively beautiful dog who will be missed and remembered lots.

Peanut ~ My "Little Man"
You were the most amazing blessing in my life.  Even though I knew you were ill, it did not prepare me for your journey to heaven.  I miss you more and more each day.  Until then my Sweet Little Pea, know that I will always love you.

we miss you one and all i hope you know your mom my friend miss you dearly and and we'll see you as soon as we can love you

Xena (Warrior's Pride)
Xena, I miss you beyond all belief. Thank you for Loving Conor. You were so good, we were blessed, however short your life. I hope the last 3 years made up for it.  God please take care of my Xena

To our Baby, "Shiro"
Shiro has always been a good boy. We missed your smile, your companion, and your noises. U have brighten up our days in many of your own wonderful ways. You will always be missed and loved by your mumy and dady (Livi and Hansen).

This is to Miko, she was a good dog, and we loved her so very much.  She had a major stroke and kept having seizures.  That was when we decided she didn't need to suffer, and put her to rest.  R.I.P. Miko, we will always love you.

Anna ~ German Shepherd owned by Davina 1979-1997
On Saturday 13th April 1997 you died in your sleep. You didn't move and make a sound. I miss you terribly.

You have been gone from me for three months but I miss you just as much. You are wrapped up safely in my heart. I will love you for ever my darling, wonderful angel cat. I will meet you one day over the rainbow bridge.

Mama Kitty
We love you and miss you, sweet baby girl! You are forever in our hearts!

i love u so much please do not foget me i won't forget u

My baby snoot, my friend, my happiness. You were only here for so short a time, but you changed me forever. I cry for my loss, but know you are taken care of. No one can ever take your place.

Dusty McManamay
You are most loved in the world. Your job has been one that you spent time to learn at Leader Dog School For The Blind. This is one way to say Heaven will surely be worth it all. Love, Daddy David McManamay, and Mommy Barbara Massie

You were the sunshine of my life and I will miss you greatly. I hope to see you in heaven soon!!!

he was the first pet i have ever owned and died at my sisters feet i woke up and he was gone ill never forget how bad i cryed

ill never forget the day when the one guy took you away we knock on  all the doors and asked all we could not knowing you would be gone forever xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

I hadn't seen you forever when you went to the doctors then my mom told me we wouldnt be getting you back.....XOXO-AMIE

i love you darling miss you so much your mamma is crying my yorkie boy my shadow aged 11 died 01/03/04 never to be forgotten

You have been such a big part of our family and will be greatly missed - we have comfort in knowing that you are in heaven with Nana and Aunt Louise who now can see you again.  Till we meet again, we love you!

You were in our lives for 15 years and the best dog a family could ever want. You were such an angel on earth. We love you, Wil. Mom, Dad, Trenna, Tonya and Kelly
PS. Say hi to Sparky and tell him we love him, too.

Schnappsy was the sweetest miniature schnauzer in Oklahoma. Her nickname was "Noppy." She has the softest fur and always smelled of fresh grass and sunshine. Goodbye, baby. Mommy loves you more than she knows how to say.

Sadie I miss you so very much. Walk with God, till we meet again.

Penny Belle
We miss you my sweet little baby. You're with God, Nanny and Grandaddy now. My sweet little Chihuahua and I miss giving you your cookies. Love mommy baby sissy tinker belle

you were joy in the purest form, a simple soul and a sweeter nature. beloved always be, minti. good boy min min...

To our best bud who always came in with a smile.  We will miss you, your mom & dad.
love Pam, Debbie, maryellen, & Lindsay

Although you were not our dog, from the short time we had together, we came to LOVE you!! We will miss you dearly and we pray for you and for your Mommy and Daddy and Cabo!! Your memories will be with us forever, dear Kona!!

We miss you darling girl more than words can say.  You brought so much joy into our lives & we pray now that you knew how much you were loved. Although you are no longer with us you will live on forever in our wonderful memories.

Spencer Finegan
Spencer just run baby, play, no worries anymore, you're free and one day I will be there to get you, be happy and I miss you, Tammy


Beloved Whisky (1990-2003)
In Loving Memory of our very precious cat called Whisky who died very suddenly leaving us deeply saddened. Rest in Peace beloved one. Lots of Love, Mummy & Daddy xx

Max, you were my best friend for 13 years. The little piece of my heart that you took with you when you went over the Bridge will make it easier for me to find you when I get there. You will always be in my heart. Mommy

May Jasper always be in Lisa's heart, always looking over her.

Neoka Racey (Piner) 1995-2004
Your sweet gentle nature showed so many how wonderful it is to adopt retired racing greyhounds. Our hearts will forever keep a space for you. Sweet Racey Roo we miss you so much. Sadly missed by Ashley & Daryl Piner & the cats

Spanky Harris
Thank you Spanky for being with me in this life and showing me how to love. Only you could have brought me to where I am now. I pray that you are jumping around, playing in your leaves, trees and flowers.  I love you Spanky .. Love Rhonda

Thank you Trinka, for coming into our lives and giving us so much love and joy.  We will always love and remember you.  Till we're together again. God bless you. All your family and friends. 05/14/04

To a lovely cat. How sad your mom was to let you go. You were such a ham when I came to visit. You would circle my feet until I couldn't help but reach down to pet you. Your parents and Toonsis miss you terribly. Sleep peacefully.  S

Jumper,the most beloved 14 yr doxie. i miss her warm body close to me, her expressive eyes,her unconditional love,and the humor she brought into our home. I am heartbroken without her. You are always in my heart and on my mind. I will luv u forever.

Doogie Bowser Junior
Oh to see as much as you did when you were blind and to enjoy the life of our favorite pet as we did you.  R

Pickles (9/93 - 5/04)
The happiest tail wagginest dog we've ever known. Dilly girl will meet you at the rainbow bridge when her time comes. Please be waiting ... Everlasting love from Jocelyn, Fred, Justin, Jason & Jessica

May God embrace you in heaven & find you as treasured a companion as I did. Your life was such a precious gift to me. I will miss your sensitive & gentle heart, sweet cat. My mouse mouse. Sweet dreams, big guy. I love you always & forever. Holly

Jackson Ansley Peevey
I miss you so much. Hope you will remember me in Heaven. I love you. Mom

Vladimir Probst/Aguilar
What did I learn from my furry joy ...
Everything's a CAT TOY!
All our love until you return.

I can't believe you're gone. Sean Alyssa Mom & Me miss you so very much. It's not the same without you. I know you are with Herman in heaven. Watch over Herman and know we miss you both so much. I love you Randyboy and I will see you again..  Love me

Your sudden departure has left me filled with grief.  Our time together so short, but our love for one another so deep.  Thank you for touching my soul so deeply.  You will always remain, "my little treasure."

Father God, in Your Infinite Wisdom I know there is a little black and white angel dog running all around heaven...would You please pick her up and hold her in Your Arms and tell her her old mama sure misses her down here right now?

Eric's Lil' Buddy! We will miss you and all the joy you brought into our lives.  We love you Bowser.

I love you my dear,
yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Though you may not be here in body,
you live with my spirit
for eternity.
As I have opened my heart to you,
you have become a part of me.
Love, mama

Prince Heath
it's been a year since you died in my arms, the pain is still there, i miss you so much. they say you're in a better place by far, i can't accept, i want you back to the way it was ...

Looking back on our special times, Sox was always there for me. In the mornings he would get on his hind legs and rub his head against mine.

Looking back on Alfie's short life, I think of all the good times. I love you very much Alf and we all miss you very much.

thank you for 12 years and being MR. MOM to all the kitties you  took care of. T.C. and you are together.  we miss you and love you both.  love mom, misty, smokey, tiger and sheba

30 lost kittens and cats
This tribute is for the 30 kittens and cats I lost due to Feline Distemper in one short week.  My heart breaks for the lives lost and adulthood never achieved.  They were here but for such a short time.

I'll love you forever. My we meet again in heaven, as it was heaven with you here on earth.

It's been nearly 2 years since you left me. I still miss you every day. I will love you always, my sweet baby.

I love you so much, my sweet precious girl. Please forgive me for not being there at the end. I wait to see you again.  Thanks for the laughter and joy and your wonderful generation you left behind.

Sweet girl, you touched my life in so many ways during our 17 years together, and you will be in my heart forever.

dickens, my little lady, it's been 3 years and i miss you so much, i miss your little furry kisses. you were my first kitty and i was very lucky to have you. someday we'll be together again. love, angela

my little Gremcrackers,there'll never be another cat like you. it has only been 4 months, and i miss you so much. i miss the 'talltales' you always told me. now you and Dickens are together again. i miss you both so much. love, Angela

My little Bubbins, i miss you so much, you were my best friend. it was so hard to let you go, but i know you're not in pain any longer. We'll  be together again, at the rainbow bridge. You'll always be with me.  Love, Angela

Birdie, you were such a good bird, I'm very glad to have had you in my life. I miss your chirping and singing, and i miss you.  Love, Angela

My little "grandcat", your life was too short, but you brought joy and laughter to us, you were a little rascal, we miss you, little Mazzydoats.  love, grandma angela

Please know that we love you very much. The house just isn't the same without you but now at least we know you are no longer in pain. Please be a good girl up there and keep your nose out of the trash. We love you. Love your family

Brandy, Please be patient for some day mommy will be with you again and we will never ever have to feel this separation pain again. I love and miss you my little baby.  love mommy and grandma

To our Beloved Daughter, You'll always have a place in our Heart.

Taffy Caldwell
You gave us sixteen wonderful years. What a great companion you were. No other animal could ever fill the void left by your passing. Your memory will continue on in our hearts. I know you are happy now and no longer in any pain. WE LOVE YOU!

chaz, biscuit, jess, fiver n charlie
I love u all and a miss u evry day jess my baby u will always b in ma heart love u all sooooooo much love jenny and irenexx.

My Angel, You were an angel to us for 18 years and will continue to be. But now we can look up toward the heavens and know you are among the clouds. We love you so and will miss you until we meet again.

We miss you terribly Hogan.  Heaven has you now and we will always remember you until we meet again!  Love, Your Mommy

Lucky you came to us on Ash Wednesday. We loved you & cared for you. You gave us more in return.  You are in heaven, peace be with you. We miss you very much.  We will always love you and will never forget you. Love CPA - Simba misses you too

butch if i had stairs that go all the way up to heaven i would come up there and bring you home again we miss you and love you. roger/judith

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
September 20, 2004
Rest in peace, Little One

INDY Kostuchowski
In your short time you touched so many hearts. As you romp in the fields in Heaven, May the Lord keep you in his grace as your spirit soars and bring comfort to your family until you meet again.  Your friend Mike

You were the best friend to my sister, you loved her and took care of her. You are now in heaven.

WINCHESTER (2003-2004)
I'm sorry we didn't get to you in time my baby. Watch over your brother REMINGTON, he has never spent a day without you.  We all love and miss you!!!!  We will see you again in heaven someday.
Love, Mommy, Daddy, Remington, and Bristol

Our hearts are broken Moe & mom miss you so much, you left us so quick. you are in heaven with Jakie & owen We love you little baby Oh! we love you so much, See you in Heaven.

You left us too early and we did not get to tell you goodbye.  We will miss you badly.  Remember that we love you momma Coty. Goodbye Dakota. We love you, Mommy & Daddy

Jake, my handsome little boy, my best friend ... even at the end, you managed to take care of me with one final gift.  I pray that your last moments were filled with peace and the awareness of how much you were loved.

My Petie gave me 12 years of unconditional love, joy and comfort. I'm sick without you "Boodaddy" and hope you're feeling all the love I'm sending you.  Until we meet again, you will remain in my heart always.  I love you, Kris.

Harley 9/92-10/04
Baby girl, I miss you so much. You were my constant, my stability for the past 12 years. You loved me unconditionally. My heart hurts so much without you.  I will keep you in my heart, always.  I now know how much I can love!

I miss you so much you were only a dog but you loved me when  no matter what i just was not ready for you to leave me i know you were old but  i still love you and miss you every day there will never be another missy love you robbin

You were on this earth for 14 years. I wish it could have been even longer. I was so blessed to have you in my life. I miss petting your soft fur and feeling your cold nose. Till we meet again.  Take care my sweet blond dog.  Love Mommy

You took part of my heart with you on October 19th. I know that you are in Heaven now. Love you forever, Grandma

Truster, We miss you so. We hope you are at peace & no longer lost. We see you chasing balls as your hair blows in the wind. Jumping high as your wings can fly. We will not say goodbye but see you in time at the Rainbow Bridge. Love, Jayna, Chuck & Ashley

Dearest Spikums-Kitty: You were the light of my life for the 13 years we were together; you made my house into a home. You were a true friend to me your whole life. Wait for me by the Rainbow Bridge. I love you.

Dear precious boy of ours: We know you're in the BEST place, together forever with Sadie and Bear! I'll miss your purr & our catnip games. You're in my heart always. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

my sweet little daschund angel
my brave little man. you left on march 31,2004, and not a day  goes by that i don't cry or wish you were here. fly with the angels my sweet little daschund angel. we love you and miss you. paul, jackie and snoopy

I know that you have a special place in heaven.  We miss you so much.  You were the best friend anyone could ask for.  You have showed me unconditional love and you will be forever in our hearts. Love, Mommy, Sade and Starr

Pooter Crockett
harried orphan who found tender refuge in our hungry heart

Tango Dancer 1990/2004
Never did I realize how much a dog could heal a man's soul. I'm glad you were a part of my life. I hope we meet again. I miss you so.

Fudge & Sammy
Fudge, you were the best christmas present I ever got, I miss you so much. I know you missed Sammy so much- that's why you died a week after she did. I'm glad that you're both together forever. I Love and miss you both. Mom

You were a loyal and special friend to many, not just me. I will miss the way you ran outside to bite the pole that the bird feeder hangs from, and the way you loved to chase squirrels. I'll especially miss your excitement when I got home from work.

Spike was the beloved pet of Oscar and will be truly and deeply missed.  They shared a genuine love that will last forever. PENNY

My little "Honey Bunny", you gave me 20 years of unconditional love, and your beautiful purring brought peace to my troubled heart.  Little one...I miss you!

To our precious baby- We will always love you and carry you in our hearts wherever we go.  Life will never be the same without "B"- L0ve, Mommy, Daddy and Adam

Lady Girl
Dear God, I just pray for my dear Lady. Please give her lots of kisses and pet her a lot until I get there, and make sure you let her sit on your lap and get on the couch. And God please let my dog know I love and miss her lots.

My sweet Miss B, I know now that you no longer have to fight for your breath, and your ears are as pink as ever. You and I will meet again, and you will be in my arms, sleeping. I love and miss you very much, baby. - Corrin

Oh Callie, It was told to us yesterday 12/20/04 that you have colon cancer and it has spread. I am so greatful to you for your love & devotion. What a wonderful Dog! With all our aloha honey, be free! Sab, Rick, Hannah & Hailey (dusty too)

My Bruno passed today. He was such a fighter and I'll always admire him. The first time I saw him, he was only 1 hour old. On 4/16/87. He gave me so much joy. I'll always be with you & you'll always be with me. You're with God now. I love you. Mom

Bruno, Calico, Chippie, Max, Wolfus, Boxie, Rhiannon, Smokey
My sweet babies, please take care of Bruno as he is joining you now today. Bruno - be nice to Max! You're the only big brother he ever had. I will hold each of you in my arms again in Heaven. Mom Sharon

Okie, we miss you dearly and love you even more. Know that we love you and your big brother Buddy misses you and loves you too.   Take care our little angel ... Love Dad, Mom and Brother

Our beloved, Jake, who left us on January 6, 2005.   You are not suffering anymore.  You will always be in our hearts.  We love you, Jakester.

Shadow Du Frane
Aug 1, 2002-April 27, 2004
Shadow: I Love & Miss You So much my little boy. You are always in my heart. Til we meet again...
Bug a Boo Bug a Boo Mommy Loves You

Katy Du Frane
Aug. 15, 1999-July 2, 2004
Katy: We Love & miss You so much little girl. If only I could have saved you. You are always in my heart. Run Free Missy... Til we meet again...

Peanut Joseph
You added such joy to my life & it's only been 1 day & I am lost without you. Thanks for the years of true devotion.  I love you with all my heart. I will still say that to you daily.  Momma

My precious little girl, that smile, the hellos your shared, you were my lucky charm. You licking away my tears or smiling so long I could only laugh. 4-1/2 years for my little pup was not enough. Keep smiling.

He was a lovable giant and friend to many who died a tragic death at too young an age.  We miss you Epic.  You and Destiny enjoy grazing on the luscious grass and galloping the rolling pastures in heaven.  We will meet again one day.

To my angel that left my world empty.  I'm glad your pain is over and you are peaceful.  Your sisters are taking care of me- I wish you could have met them.  I see your star when the night sky is clear.  Remember me always.  Love.

Ginger Puggy
My little sweet cat left me today. Ginger, please keep my beloved KITTY company until we are all together again. You will never leave my thoughts.

For a special Lady,
I know your heart is hurting
"The streets in heaven are filled with angels"

We lost our 14 year old Siamese, Bianca, on Jan 29, 2005 at 6:00am. I've been heart broken ever since. What is a day without Bianca? Maybe when her ashes come home in 2 weeks, it will get easier. I'll always miss and love you. Love Denisee

I received this kitten as a present when I was in kindergarten... I am now a sophomore in college and on January 14, 2005 my beloved friend left this world. I just want him to know how much I miss and love him. I will never forget you.  Love, Jenn

My sweet momcat
My beautiful gentle girl, you were my best friend. I was so lucky to have had you for 17 years, may God bless you until we meet again. I love you.

Max Peroff
1994 ~ February 3, 2005
Max aka Mister Max aka Mister Wonderful was one of the sweetest dogs who ever lived. We were lucky to have had him in our lives and we will miss him every day. Godspeed, Max. Rest in peace.

cody was my friend's dog. but he was a good dog and i will miss him so much. he gave so much love. he was a happy dog.

Oh, God grant me the serenity to accept that Vicky is not with me now, and courage to accept that now, Vicky is with YOU

My sweet beauty.  You were my lifelong friend for 16 years. Even on your last day with your little body that had grown so frail and tired you still managed to stand and wag your tail to me to greet me home. You are in my heart dear friend.

Britain Hufford
My fiance and I grieve our gorgeous, sweet Siberian Husky just a week before his 9 month birthday. Now, he is gone - before mine and Matt's marriage and our future children. We love you Britain. - Mika & Matt

I love you little Brunster. Will miss you every day from Wednesday 2nd March 2005 onwards. Buffy and Bella will be lost without you, as I am. You were very brave. Good boy, night night. I love you.

March 4, 2005 was the day you headed out to Heaven.  You are and always will be the love of life.  My heart aches without you, you made my life better every single day.  I miss you and love you so much little bear. Love, Mom.

Agape was her home on earth. She crossed over the Rainbow Bridge March 9th. Loved by her many caretakers but most of all loved and adored by Dona. Tortie, James & Alice wish you a fond farewell. Say hello to Wobbles for us. We will miss you, Penny Girl. Lauren & Dona

To our loving, kind and caring veterinarian.

In loving memory

Tuesday, March 15, 2005, I lost my baby, an eight month old Neapolitan Mastiff.  At this time no words or warm thoughts can heal my heart, but one day I will smile instead of cry when I think of her. Kalie, momma misses you so much.

Your leaving broke my heart, and I think of you every day. We all miss you, my Higgyberto kitten. Chumley, Gracie, Roby and now Rocky send their love. Sit on Grandma-Kitty's lap, and watch for us. I will never forget you, my baby.

You weren't with me very long but you have my heart. You were the best big brother to Sunshine. We both ache for you and miss you so much. Please wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge. I love you My Sweet Baby. All My Love Forever. Mommy

Petie (aka Boodaddy)
To my Petie. I miss your frisky little spirit, your extremely soft ears, and your sweet little face. I am reminded when I look at your picture how very special you are to me. I'd give anything to have you back. I miss you Boodaddy. Kris

My sweet, sweet angel is in pain no more.  May God bless you and keep you and may Puppy Heaven be full of lots of green grass and puppy treats for you.  I will miss you terribly, and thank you for being my best friend!

Shebe, my most dearest friend ... how much I miss you.  I can only hope now that you are at peace, no more in pain, no more suffering, no more cancer.  Please look for me as someday I will be looking for you.

T.C  " Top Cat"
Our little boy,
The day we had to say good-bye,
we cried for you, and asked God why,
Things will never be the same,
Mommy and daddy, still speak your name,
We love, and miss you!!

My Faithful loyal Companion, thank you for 12 wonderful years. I will never forget all the times.  I hated to see you in pain but saying goodbye  was the hardest thing for me to do. Run Free of Pain baby.

My Petie. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. I miss your soft ears, your sweet face, and your frisky little spirit. I'm devastated that you are gone but I'm still lovin' you every day! Always, Kris

Leo, you were the best cat ever, my angel on earth.  Now you are an angel in heaven.  I love and miss you more than I ever imagined.  Rest in peace my lion cat until we meet again.

Mo-Jo "The Magical"
Today we lost our dog: Jo. She was a Weimaraner. She was the most loving animal anyone has known. Jo will always be here, but she will be waiting at those Gates of Heaven for when we will meet her. We love you Jo. Kenny, Mama, Dad, Mike

Pal of the Woods
We will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Muffin "fluff muff"
How I miss you, I wish I could have spent more time with you three years is not enough time. I am so glad I adopted you when I first saw you at the shelter at age 7 months. You were so loving to me and I will never forget you. Love KAREN

Mighty Hunter, Beloved Friend, the best cat in the world. You filled my home with your attitude. Now my home is empty and my heart has a huge void in it. I miss and love you.

To my sweet little stray that walked into my heart, I will always remember your presents. I miss you, and I love you more than you will ever know. Uncle John will watch over you until we meet again. I love you cabbie...

My little ducan, god took you away too soon you were not even a year old yet. Beary bear misses you. So does princess and mommie. I hope some day soon we can be together again. I miss your purrs and licks. Love always mommie

My best friend and baby for 13 years. Thank you for all your love, and friendship. I miss you meeting me at the door, sleeping in my hair and getting lost in the shower. I'll miss you more than anything in the world.

Barley May
Sweet little angel
With ears like velvet pancakes
We'll miss you always

It is still such a shock to believe you are gone. We loved you so much and miss you even more and can't wait to be with you and Missy. You were such a blessing to us. Save us a spot in heaven. Love you forever and ever. Amen


to my handsome prince, i will never forget you, you were taken from us too soon, knowing that you had cancer and that there was nothing we could do for you, broke our hearts, we will always love you, mum, dad, and girls

I will never forget you, you did not deserve to die with cancer as there was never anything bad about you, I will never get over it, I love you always. Mum, dad and girls

my sweet
beautiful girl
I remember

Lord, have mercy on Halle. Lay your loving and healing hand upon her. You are light and love, through you all things are possible. In Jesus' name I claim healing for Halle. Thank you Lord.

Nalla, There are no words to express the joy and love you brought to my life. You constantly kept me going; laughing and loving when I thought I couldn't go on. You were my life, my soul, my home. Know that I will always carry you with me and love you forever. Thank you for the memories, encouragement and unconditional support. I will always love you baby girl! ~Momma

Eternal companion and friend to Penny and Lloyd Mills. The family is heartbroken over the loss. May God bless them and Sadie today and always.

I miss you so much Sadie and I wish you didn't have to go yet. 12 years didn't seem long enough to be with us. You are sadly missed by Pat, Lucy, Dilly, Liz, Rosie, Lacy and Buddy

My sweet boy - I only had you for 4 short years but it filled a lifetime of love into my heart.  I miss you dearly and so do your siblings Tinker and Smokey.  We love and miss you being the loving brute that you were. Love Mom

I will always love you and hold you in my heart.

Kip my 17 year old cat who was put to rest on October 2, 2004. Thank you Kip for allowing me to be part of your life, you were my best friend and life without you will never be the same. Until we meet again, I love you.

Precious Tiffer, We love you and miss you. You've forever left  paw prints on our souls. Love, Your Mom and "That Guy"

My beloved Sami: I pray for you a light filled transition and nothing but joy now you are free from pain. Let Harry guide you and the Angels heal any tears or sorrow. I love you my Sam Sam. Mommy

The roses the blosssoms won't be enough, until you come back with US.

Never underestimate the love one is capable of giving.  I loved my sweet girl.  Our spirits will meet again in heaven.

I feel so empty and my heart aches for you. I miss you so much.  You will always be with me.  Love, Amy

Barney 7/5/05
Words cannot express how much we miss you.  Love, Mom, Dad, Ty, Bailey, and Sampson.

I am heartbroken puppy guy and miss you so terribly much.  The house is empty without you.  I hope you can forgive me but I did what I thought best for you.  Until we reach The Bridge, you have fun up there and give a puppy kiss to Morgan.

We miss you so much and we love you.
Tim, Mary, Allee, Quinn, Nugget, Burt and Frank

please pray for my doggie who just past away on 7-11-05.  i miss him very much and my little heart is aching.  i just got for b-day on 2-20-05.  he was only 5 months old. i ask everyone to pray for him that he resting in peace.  amen

Our little dog Cricket had just celebrated his 13th Birthday a few weeks before he passed away.  His fuzzy little muppet face is always in my heart.  Your little Spider misses you too. We love you dear one.

Dear Jessie ... you provided me with 16 years of unconditional love.  And you were a lady right up until your last day. You will never ever be forgotten by anyone who knew you.

Just thinking of you Max.  You will always hold a special place in my heart and you could never be replaced or forgotten.  I love you so much Mr. Max and miss you!  Foxy misses you too.  I hope you are playing with Casey on the rainbow bridge!  XOXO

March 22, 1995 - July 11, 2005
My 'heart' and pal - Pupualenalena you will always be my Baby Girl 'spirit' dog ... I loved you soooo much and always will. I miss you sweetie.  Jeri

We think of you every day. You will always be in our hearts. Until we meet again at the rainbow bridge, our loyal friend. Love, Mommy and Daddy

The empty spot you left in my heart can not be replaced.  Even with your "sidewinder" gait you won the love of all our beach friends, and their canine companions. Thanks for a great 16 years!  Your best friend - Kathy

Sleep peaceful, my faithful little friend, you always were the most faithful of the faithful.  Till we meet again.

Jackson Nissenson
Oh Sweet Jackson, you were so beloved!  Charna, Alan and Ariel will hold you in their hearts forever and ever.  We send you our love in heaven.

Baby girl
i'll remember you every minute
it'll be easy because you're here in my heart
what happened to us can't be forgotten
it's the most beautiful thing you left in your place
love you so much
i'm sorry

My beloved girl, I miss you so. You were my heart and soul, and my best friend for 15 years. Please know that I think about you every day, and that I will love you forever. With all my love, Mama.

aka "Miss Fox"
July 30, 1990 - August 16, 2005
Godspeed, Foxy. We know Max was waiting for you, and only that makes it easier.  Run and play with him like a young pup again. We will always love you and miss you.

You unexpectedly became my best friend.  I rescued you as a feral kitten. I miss you everyday.  Today on the 1st anniversay of your death my heart breaks from loneliness.  You will be forever with me and we will meet again.

Kimba Rooney
Kimba you will always be in our hearts and memory. I know you are in heaven now looking down on us. Johnny and I miss you dearly.

Gypsy worked all her life as a detection dog and helped to improve the nation's security. Due to her cancer, Gypsy retired to my home on 5/16/04. I lost her 8/20/05.  She came to my home and entered my heart. She will never be forgotten.

10/16/1989 - 06/10/2005
I miss you more than words can express.  You were my best friend, my therapist, my walking partner and most importantly my child. Rest in peace.  Mommy loves you.

I love and miss you dear friend

May you shine on Buddy "you crazy Diamond".  Eternal peace across the Rainbow Bridge.  We will never forget you!

To my beloved Rudi~ You came as a mystery and your leaving us was a mystery, but you were loved more than you will ever know. I know that you and Mom will now welcome Tessie into the pack in heaven.

you were pepito to the kids you are missed we love you and i will see you one day my friend.  play run jump and know you are loved sit under a cool shaded tree and rest with the angels

You were a great protector and friend. We will see you later. Melissa,Chubbs, Momo,Popo and Tia Vicky

My Maggie
You took a part of me with you when you left me -- You will always be in my heart with Buttons and Stosi.  I know we will meet again and you will be mine to love again.

Zachary Hodgson-Jones
Our dearest Zach, You came to us as a baby and gave us unconditional love and devotion. You leave us as an old tired man. We love you and hope you can rest now. Your job here is done. We will never forget you and will always love you - unconditionally!

August 29, 2005
Gracious God, thank you for my dear Maggie, in her eyes I saw You. With her warmth I felt Your embrace. Keep her safe and tell her I love her and miss her, because I do... more than words can ever tell. Amen.

bullet you are missed  so very much.  please know how we love you.  i want to thank you for always being there.  our hearts ache  for you.  it is empty  here.  i wish you could come back.  i love you thumper tail.  joey misses you greatly.

Tesse Uydess
A retired racing greyhound, loving pet and exceptional therapy dog.  We will miss you dearly.  Your friends at Griffen Hospital

Lucy Maria Rose
My best girl. You were my best friend. The four years you were with me I will never forget. I still think of you everyday since you left me.  Can't wait to see you on the other side of the Bridge. Love Mommy

To all the family members who owned and loved Jazzy and now who grieve for her ... bury her deep within your hearts, so she will be there with you forever.

Every day you showed the Irwin's how grateful you were.  You will be sorely missed and may GOD take you in his hands and kiss your soft black nose ... for you are and always have been an Angel Dog.  Auntie Pam

You were with us for 18 yrs, 2 months, 7 days. Your passing has broken our hearts. You were a beautiful beige Poodle. Do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there, I did not die. We miss your happy greetings, Dad and Mom.

My precious friend and kitty, Thank you for sharing your life with me for 17 years.  Although you are now with the angels, you will live in my heart forever. I miss you dearly. Marlene

Our angel sent from heaven, you have no idea the pain we feel since the day you left us (oct 2 ,2005) we miss you soo soo much life without you will never be the same, our hearts are so empty, love mommy and daddy, tiffany and anasia

Casey Dog- Always Together
A day doesn't go by that I don't look up at your urn and sigh. It's been 1 yr since you ran out in the st. I pray every night that God watches over you and Casey, we will ALWAYS be together - I love U so very much!

Beloved Brando passed away today, October 28, 2005, gently and with dignity. This greatly loved dog brought so much happiness to us. Thanks for all the love you showed him through the years.

It's been almost a year but i miss you as much today as when you first went away. The only thing that helps is knowing we'll all be together again someday ... you, Sunshine and me ... and your new little brother, Cotton. Love, Forever and always, Mommy

Petie & Kermit
It was a sad day on earth when Petie and Kermit left.  I will miss them forever, but I know my mom, grandmother and cousin, Phyliss, are in Heaven watching over them until I can join them.  Petie died November 4, 2005 and Kermit two years ago.

Skoshi May
You've only been gone 2 weeks.  I didn't think it was possible but I miss you more with each passing day.  You were a faithful and true companion, and I would give anything to have you back even for just one day.

Thank you for the ten wonderful years you gave our family. No dog will ever take the place you have in our hearts. We love you and will see you again some day.

You are missed and loved so much.  You had a special way about you and would only let few close.  You have brought so much happiness to our lives. We will always love you!

It seems like yesterday, the first time we saw you. Little did we know that over 13 years you would become our best friend. There is an empty place in our hearts that only you, yellow dog, can fill.  We miss you immensely; we love you more still.

Sydney Lanier Franklin
In memory of my friend's wonderful dog!

You were the best friend I ever had! I miss you so much! Im sorry I wasn't there for you when you needed me the most! You truely were an angel sent from heaven who left a pawprint on everyone's heart. I LOVE YOU BABY! I will never forget you!

Panther 10-30-91 to 03-17-04 Taken by Cancer but never forgoten. Hey big Guy, I wish I could have been there to say good bye. I miss your addittude, your kisses, and snuggling at night. I LOVE YOU!!!!! Love Becky

To poo poo, little miester, frica fracker colors of my love. Words donot convey the loss no goodbye. In spirit we are eternal. Until we unite on that rainbow bridge give your uncles and ginger a lick for me. 

Stormy Comet
Stormy Comet was a 17 1/2 year old Eskimo Spitz.  I've never heard of a dog living so long. He was a beautiful loving dog. Our love goes out to all those who loved him. He will be missed.

Sif was a 14 year old Siberian Husky. She was the apple of my husband's eye. She battled through breast cancer successfully, but died in her sleep last year. She will always be loved and we miss her terribly.

Your were our best friend, babysitter, and companion for 13 years Yellow Dog. There is a hole in our hearts now that only you could fill. We miss you so much.

Our hearts are sad today at the news of our neighbors golden retreiver, Bailey, who suddenly passed away this week.  He will be so missed.  Please say a prayer for him and his loving owners.

For Bud, Tasha, Gemma & Josie
My Best Friends in the whole world.  Til we meet again!

is hard to let you go
but you deserve a smile from me
my tears use to make you sad
so, i want you happy forever
and i salute you with a smile

our poor hydie is gone but we know that she is forever up in heaven with god and her new doggie playmates she will forever be a part of our hearts and memories

i love you and miss you bob

Bonnie New
Mommy loves and misses you.  I'll be with you again one day.  Meet me at the Rainbow Bridge.

Diva & Baylis
You guys were my best friends, the top doggies in the house. We miss your smiles. Diva I hope you shine in the stars and Baylis I hope you shine in Heaven. Have a good time in Heaven :) Eliz, Edward, Elizabeth, Eduardo

Love you.

Tiny ... I miss you from the bottom of my heart. You filled my days with smiles and laughter. I pray that you are in heaven safe and happy in God's loving arms ... until we meet again dear friend ... you will always hold a special place in my heart!

SHANI (Died 2/1/04)
2 years have passed since we lost you shani, but it still hurts just as bad, we still miss you and think  of you every day. sleep sound darling till we all meet again. love from mummy & daddy & shadow

Dear Sylvia, You will be the shining star in our life, thank you for bringing us joy for the 7 years angelita de Dios.  We love you baby girl, God bless you baby girl.

Never a frown, always smiling, loving, devoted ... you are missed every day. With love, your human and canine family

I lost my precious doberman Gino Friday, 1/13 of unknown reasons. He was my best friend & guardian angel. He's forever in my heart. May you be running around with your angel wings, Gino. I love you dearly, Monica

Cole Dupay
Hey Colester, you brought love and happiness to my daughter and her family, so now big guy it's your time to go play with my own Jams and Racer ...  until we meet again.  Grandma

Atta Boy Colter Dupay
Colter Bass, you were one of the kids, we will miss you so much, you had such a big heart! We loved you very much. We will miss your funny monkey call. We will see you in the end! Love Mom & Dad, Ashley, Dustin, Daisy, Chewy, Cali, Chopper

I miss our snuggles in the morning and our little conversations, you are still here in spirit and always in my heart. love mama

You were like my big brother and when you died my heart almost stopped. Thank you for 15 years of happyness. I miss you a lot. See you in heaven. From Genesis

Baxter-Hayden Berkus
1 month later, we miss you our friend.  Time stands still. We feel like you have been gone a life time yet 4 weeks my furry friend.  We love you, we miss you, can't wait to see you again.
Love, Daddy, Bailey (Beagle) and Rody(FoxHound)

Faithful kitty who strayed into our lives ... we miss you.
 "The wind casts seeds to scatter in the breeze.
We plant seeds of love into others' souls to bloom.
Those who bloom in the hearts of others never die."

Mishka (Mouse)
Our Beloved Brown Burmese "Mishka" (Mouse), you shared our lives for almost 18 years and your spirit will be with us forever. We LOVE YOU Mousie.
Sammy Whiskers, Tiger-Lily, Pixie-Rose, Sue and Maryanne XXX

Einstein Jane
I loved you from the moment you arrived and I will never stop loving you.  I miss you more and more every day.  I always knew that there could never be another dog like you and I was right.

 U gave me tremendous love & joy during your 13 years.  I would give anything for 1 more tug of my sleeve 4 a snuggle + some lovins.  You R dearly missed by all. I love + miss you, xo Maureen Windsor CT

Loco de Paz
10-10-99 - 01-27-06

Pussycat, pussycat, where have you been?
I've been to London, to look at the Queen!
Pussycat, pussycat, what did you do there?
I frightened a little mousie, UNDER the chair!

My beautiful little Ghost ... 17 years just isn't enough.  Rest peacefully while you nap on God's lap. Mom

Tipsey you left me 4 yrs ago after being here with me for over 18 yrs. I miss you every day but I know that you are happy again and with God, I know too that we will be together again someday too.

It is one year ago today. My heart still aches. I love you and miss you sooo much Willi. Love, Mommy

It has been almost a month since the day I had to say goodbye to my best friend and companion. My tears flow as if it were only yesterday. I know you are out of pain now, and able to run and play with your new found friends.

Sydney 'Blue' Grey
Our Angel Baby
June 18, 1999 - April 19, 2002
You were the center of our universe. Rest in peace our beautiful blue angel.
Love Mom, Dad, Mandi, Elliott and Mikki

Sammy - I will miss you and your scratchy tongue. You were always soft and warm. I will go to sleep every night with your stuffed animal. Love you - Nicholas

Chubby Seelig
My little Love kittie Chubby!! I miss you more and more every second of a day. You came to me in my dream last night and I wish it could have lasted forever. You are my heart, chubby chu chu. I love you my cookie. Love mom

We were so sorry to lose you but know that you are no longer suffering ... Thanks for all the love u gave us ... You will be in our hearts forever ...

For 16 years you were my best friend. I love you so much and I know when my time on earth is done I will be seeing you in Heaven. God bless you.

Sasha Hendel
Sasha, my Sasha, you are still in my heart and fill me with love.  You made it possible for your little brother, Misha, to join our loving family. With much affection, your Mommy, Dale Hendel

Mittens, mommy misses you so much. I miss your kisses and the wonderful "songs" you sang when you purred. It's only been a few short days, but it seems like eternity. You be a good boy and I WILL see you again someday. Love, Mommy

We miss you so very much. We know you're no longer in any distress or pain, but you're not here with us and that's the hardest. We send you very large hugs and a billion kisses and please know we will never ever forget you.

Amanda 'Munchkie' Grey
May 30, 1988 to March 3, 2006
You were always there to make us feel better. We love you more than words can say. Our hearts are broken but we hope you are chasing butterflies in Heaven!! Love Mom, Dad, Elliott and Mikki.

Heidi, we love you so much and couldn't see you suffer anymore. We just wanted you to be happy, and free of pain. God will take good care of you. We love you so much and miss you terribly.

Shelby "Monster" Spade
Our little wiggle butt will always be missed and thought of with such amazement. Blind and epileptic, she was a cocker spaniel with an unbelieveable attitude. Shelby was always a good judge of character. T&R

I miss you so much.  You always seemed to know when I needed you to jump up beside me.  I miss the way you said goodnight to me every night for 13 years.  It just isn't the same without you, old boy.  Until we meet again, I LOVE YOU! 

Sparky the Wonderdog
We lost our best friend today. Sparky, you were so much a part of our everyday lives and we will miss you more than words can say. There will never be another you. Good-Bye my sweet little schnauzer.  love mom and dad

Sparky the Wonderdog
Goodbye little buddy. They say all oceans meet, somehow I can see you spotting Duddley running on the beach at Carmel, CA and saying to him "Hey! Mom and Dad told me all about you, lets run and play".  Pop

I believe there is a heaven where you're running free and happy and eating all the cookies you could ever want. We love and miss you, and hope you hear our prayers and feel our love. Always your mama

Cappone, you were the definition of man's best friend and i will miss and love you forever. Our countless memories together will never be forgotten and your love, loyalty and character will forever be in my heart! RIP in heaven at Jesus's side.

Our little dutch girl, we gave you the name Sola in the hopes that you would be someone's "only." We want you to always know that you were our "only." Rest in peace, little girl. We'll be seeing you ...

I miss you so much, but know that you are at peace. I will always remember the wonderful bond and love that we shared. You have a place in my heart for all time. All my love, Elisabeth

Tsunami Ann
Our Dearest Angel Girl, We miss you deeply and love you always.  You brought joy and happiness to our hearts and continue to heal and guide us through our lives.  All our love always, Mommy & Daddy

Though our time with each other was short, we will treasure you memories always. I'm happy that now you are living a pain free life. We will miss you greatly, but in time our hearts will heal. We love you our little boy ...

All my life I wanted a greyhound and when I finally adopted one ... it was you. You were all that I had hoped for and a true companion and friend. No more suffering and pain. You are at rest ... my pretty girl. Till we meet again ...

You gave us the gift of constant, unconditional love for 16 years. You were our best friend. You are now where you deserve to be. We will always love you with the same abiding love that you gave to us. Goodbye Old Friend. JDC, JPC, JAC, JRC, MMC

We had our beloved cat, Suki, put to sleep.   We hope she knew how much she has been loved. Know that your human owners love and cherish you alot, and that we will never forget you or your unconditional love for us.  Just "good night" Suki!

please pray for opie ... he had a terrible life before he found his forever home ... now he has been diagnosed with cancer ... pray for this sweet angel ...

My pretty girl ... Katie, you will be forever missed. Love you always. Hope you get to see Nicholas and Muffin in heaven. You're a good girl. Love you always and forever. Kiss Kiss Love, Lisa

Sampson, I will never forget you ... you were such a loving, gentle and elegant cat.  I will miss our daily "hug sessions" very much! You are in my heart forever!

My beautiful angel! I miss you so much. I pray you are in Heaven surrounded by love, laughter, and peace.  Thanks for showing me how to love again. Oh, and no sucker punches up there, huh?  See you again someday.  Love forever, Mom.

 Bailey Michael Lunsford
To my baby boy I miss and love you very much. I am feeling heartache but I know you are at peace now. You have been my comfort, my life. You mean everything to me. I love you Bailey Michael. Until we are together again.

17 Years we had you and your love.  It's been over 2 years since you passed and we can now look back with only laughter and love. And Know we will meet with you again. Take care of our baby Chloe. Love Mommy and Erin

My Precious Chloe
It happened too young. Taken away with no warning and left us stunned. We knew you would never not come home at night. But Cassandra led us to you. We buried you with grace and dignity. And your soul is in Heaven, until we meet again. Love Mommy and Daddy

(June 1993 - May 2006)
I’m told that you had a wonderful life; I tell them that 13 yrs was not enough, it will take longer than that to heal my heart. I know you're with Bast now & that your body is healed once again. We miss you terribly & love you very much. Mommy & Prissy

Hillary ~ 14 years
Goodbye Dear friend. You wandered into my life unexpectedly 14 years ago. In spite of all the hardships you endured,  you always gave much more then you expected in return. You were the epitome of quiet dignity and courage. I will miss you terribly.

You were my best friend for so many years. Thru all the bad times and the good. And for that I am eternally grateful. I could never repay you for what you gave me in happiness. Play, run, jump. Know I am with you always. I will see you again soon.

Spudsie - you were our joy in the morning - our peace at night.  You will always be our perfect beautiful boy. We are lost without you Puppa. May God watch over you for us until we meet again.  Momma & Poppa.

Bear Hubbard
Dear Miss B, We miss you very very much.  You were a very special doggy and I know you're in Heaven now.  You can see again and you're not hurting anymore.  We love you and will never forget you.

i write this in memory of my chihuahua. she has been gone from me for 7 years now. i miss her dearly. she was one of a kind. mommy loves you, fancyface

i'm writing another one in memory of my other chihuahua named lady. she was a wonderful companion. she watched over me and took care me when i was sick or hurt. i will always love her. love mommy

I love you so much. Letting you go today was so hard. You brought our family together when it was torn apart. I will never forget the love you gave me.  Love you forever.

My baby kitty, know how much I love you and miss you! Waking up without your little furry body is so lonely.  I miss coming home to you, waiting for loving (and dinner).  I hope you are in a better place of no pain and in time we'll meet again.

Scruff & Buck
We miss you both so much - not a day goes by where we don't think of you.  All the smiles and joy you brought to our lives - you will always be in our hearts.

My sweet Marley Boy, I will miss you talking to me and waiting at the door for my arrival home. I will miss lap time on the computer and I will miss that loud purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and you coming to greet me every morning.

Blue Boy
Mommy misses you so much, but I know you are at the rainbow bridge and you are finally free from all pain. Until I get heaven you play and enjoy each day. I love you baby more than you will ever know.

Zeke, i miss you so much. you were my best friend, and i will never forget you!!! i know you are in heaven sitting next to god. i shall see you again some day. I love you.

Skoshi May
It's been almost 8 months since I had to let you go, and I still miss you every day.  I'm so glad you were my dog, and will always be grateful to have adopted you all those years ago - you will always be dear to me.  ~Susan May (your "mama")

It has been two months today since you left us. I know we will be reunited one day but I miss you so much. So does Betty Jean, Bubba, Linda, and LUcy June. I will never forget you and all the good times we had together!

To my cranky old lady, who was with me for 12 years. She was the most beautiful long-haired beauty that was also pretty anti-social. I loved you just the same. Your sister Azrielle & I will miss you terribly.

Sleep well my love. Roam free with no pain or fear. Your were my friend, confidant, and constant companion. I don't know what I will do without you.  I will keeep a light burning for you always.

My Honey Boy, you were with me for 14 great years. I hope you know how much I love you & that I will never forget you. You will always be my Honey Boy. I am finding this hard because you were my comfort. I miss you. I Love You!

Gone, never forgotton. I hope you have found the peace this life denied you. I love you.

I miss you so much.  I know you are in a better place -- free from sickness & pain.  I will never forget the day, August 6, 2006, you were strong enough to run to Heaven.

My sweet Honcho. We miss you immensely. You brought us such joy. I look forward to seeing you again someday at The Rainbow Bridge. Mommy loves you.

You were the best
Always there to love us
You never left us

Blue departed this planet on 3/27/2006. We miss him very much. He was such a happy dog. We would sing with him. He was a beautiful Siberian husky.  Karen and Gary miss you Blue.  We will see you in heaven.

My sweet little Willie, my best friend of 15 years - I miss you so much!  You are always on my mind and in my heart.  I look forward to seeing you in heaven one day and to being smothered by your precious kisses.  I love you!  Chere'

(11/91 to 07/14/06)
Baby girl... I miss you more than words can say.  I lost my best friend and everything that matters in this world.  I think of you every day and hope you are having fun at Rainbow Bridge.  I will never forget you.  I miss you and I love you.

Our beautiful boy - you were so loved, and we miss you desperately.  Rest in Peace Angel, until we meet again. You will forever be in our hearts.  Love, Mommy, Daddy, Noel, Cody & Whitney

You filled my life with joy and you were always there for me. My heart still aches and I will miss you always. I know you are now free from pain. Thank you for all of the unconditional love, Patti

Sadie Reed
In Loving Memory of my beautiful, sweet baby, Sadie. She was a loving member of our family and will be sorely missed. We will love Sadie and remember her always!

Mandu- 17 years of love
This is for my "little old man", with much love and sadness that he is gone from my life. No other can ever take his place... Sharon L.

You were strong, sweet, wild, smart and we belonged to each other for too short a time. You were the best, the meanest, but you were my kitty, and everyone loved and respected you so much.

You were the best friend a girl could have had. I thank you for being a positive constant in my life, and I am sorry I couldn't take away all the bad that happened to you. I miss you so.

My precious girl I still love you so. Your precious spirit stays with me always. So noble, kind, fun, loving, funny, brave, patient. I am so lucky to have shared your life. With greatest love from Liane to Mama, coonhound, great spirit and friend.

It's been 6 months and I still feel your presence.
Love you, BoBo Man

I love you Babyface. You have always been there. You were such a loving and gentle soul. I will love you and miss you forever.  Jenn

I am so lucky to have had such a beautiful dog in my life for the past 14 years.  You were the best companion anyone could ever had.  I love and miss you, the Momma

Mommie misses you so much. Thank you for being my guardian angel for all these years. You are now painfree my princess so run like the wind. I will see you again. Love mommie,  daddy,  ladybug, and harley

I will miss you, Riley. I'm sorry your life was cut short. You had so much more to offer this world. I'm happy you're no longer in pain. Thank you for being my friend. I love you.

You are still the love of my life.  Baby, you will forever be in my heart and mind till we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.
Love, Mom

I miss your sweet face every day.  I can't wait to have you sit on my lap when we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.
Love, Mom

A "Golden" Dusti
The day will come when we will see through the pain and remember just "you";
     Our brown eyed girl
Until we meet at the bridge, look down upon us and smile
Remember that we love you and this is not the end
Diana, Donald & Denali

Shadow (a.k.a. Miss Moo)
Miss Moo, you are missed dearly, thank you for your friendship and love over the years.  I feel truly blessed to share in your life and was always so proud to have you walk by my side.   I love you Moo.  xoxoxoxoxoxo

My Precious Merry, you are my everything, my angel.  May you rest in peace honey.  I miss you.

Baxter, A.K.A Gheppetto Pupachello
We Miss you and hold you in the palm of our hand and thou shall never let go.  This has been the longest year of our life.
Love, Daddy, Bailey and Brody

Abbie, you gave me 16 years, 4 months and 2 days of nonstop love.  It is with a heavy heart that I must deal with your loss today.  I hope you're as happy and as loved in your new life as you were during the life that you shared with me. 

My Boo Bear, letting you go was the hardest thing I've ever done. You will always be in my heart. I love you so my baby girl.

Ginger Marie
We love you with all our hearts. Our life will never be the same ... you were our best friend. Till we meet in heaven.          1/1/07

Dakota, you now can run as fast and as far as your heart desires. Be free my friend.

Bless Bobette forever. She brought such love and joy to me. I have rescued another cat in her name.

Sam "Sammy"
To our beautiful loving Golden Retriever Sammy
Thank you for gracing us with your never ending love for the past 12 years. You will live on in our hearts forever. We can't say good bye so I'll say until we meet again.
Your loving family

Momma's baby girl - Not a day goes by where I do think or dream of you being with me. You are forever in my heart. I miss you more than words can ever express. All of my love Lala.

Haley you will always be with me in my heart. I miss it when you lay on the rug when i took a shower. And, remember that i have and will always love you and you are the best and no other dog could replace you. Love, Jeff

Haley I miss you so dearly, and a day doesn't go by when i think about you. I love you soooooo much and you were my best friend. No dog will ever replace you and you were and still are the best dog out there. Many kisses and BummbleBees  Love, Jeff

minnie man- you came into our lives as a foster/rescue and quickly became a part of our family. now you  are waiting on the other side of the rainbow bridge for us. we miss you so and look to the day when we are united.

My little handsome man. You were my light, my love, my heart, my world. Our year together will last an eternity in my heart. Your energy and spirit will forever be here. I love you always and forever, my son.

Kip, you are the most excellent Black Lab ever. You were so smart and I and my parents loved you so much and we still do.  I miss you so much and I will see you again.  Love Gary

May he always be in your heart.

i can't wait to see you again. you'll always have the most special place in my heart

You brought joy to us. "He sure is happy". You pulled me out of depression. So cute. How well we communicated! When you ran out into the street, my heart screamed for you, your innocence. Now it aches for what I have lost.

You were always there to be a friend and provide your love.

We miss you more than you could know.  You got me through a lot of hard times and I am so thankful I had you in my life. I will look for you when my time on earth comes to an end.  I love you!

Bella Michelle
My little Bella, My heart is broken and home will never be home without you.  You are now my little angel.  I will miss you and love you forever.

Bear Bear
You were my SOUL MATE. Nothing, nor noone could ever take your place. The gentle giant to all who knew and LOVED YOU.  As my years go by you  never will be forgotten. Your mom Cheryl

My dear little "nephew" I will truly miss you... You were taken from us so suddenly, I wish I was there to say goodbye. You will always be in our hearts and never forgotten. Love Aunt Diane and Cousin Nikko

Feb 1994 - Feb 2007
I will miss your brilliant blue eyes, Siamese "talk" and snuggles.  Always in our heart, we will miss you every day. Love you forever. Your kitty mom, Hillary

We will miss you always and look forward to seeing you in heaven.  Hope you are all having fun playing together. Today you welcome Zero to your group. We grieve but know he is in a better place and feeling no pain.

The white yellow lab. We will miss your gentle ways.

OJ Bubba
OJ - You were such a good boy, my best friend.  Rowdie, Major, Miss Kitty and I will miss your sweet face very, very much.  Take care sweet boy.  Love, Mommy

10/2/1996 -02/12/2007
Ginger, you were so loyal to all of us.  You were such a sweetheart and we will never forget you. We will love and miss you forever.  Love, Ed, JoAnn, Kathleen and your furry companion Tigger.

We will miss you dearly Bailey!  Your bark at our Birthday celebrations will be in our hearts forever.  God Bless you!  We will all be together again someday.  All of our love to you, your family.

Dearly beloved, we gather here to say our goodbyes. I'll never let go. I promise. R.I.P.

My little 'Papito' how I miss you so! I miss your face, your funny habits ... everything about you. I loved you so much! Toby and I will miss you always. Mommy loves you forever and a day ... and another day after that.

I love you and miss you so very much.  It was so hard to let you go.  Thank you for all the joy and happiness you brought me.  There will always be a special place for you in my heart.  I will love you always and forever.   I will never forget you.

For the passing of Ruffles, please give support to Clekis and Laura's family in their loss of their beloved friend.

It will be two years this September since you have passed but my heart still is saddened by your not being here for me to hold and love.  I think of you often and keep you in my heart and know I will see you again someday.

Gone yet not forgotten, Although we are apart, Your spirit lives within us, Forever in our Hearts. Sammie, our Princess Kitty, we love you and miss you. We will meet at Rainbow Bridge and never to separate again. Love Mommy, Daddy and Brian

Up to the day that you died in my arms, you were always a special boy.  There will never be another like you. It's not the same without you. Irie, my sunshine boy and my very best friend, thank you for 15 beautiful years.  I love you so.  Momma

It has been one month since I had to let you go.  I think about you every day.  Life will never be the same without you.  The void in my heart will never be filled.  I love you more than you will ever know.  I miss you with all my heart and soul.

God gave you to us at a time we needed an angel.  Now you are His angel.  We love you and miss you so much.  Our home and hearts are empty without you.  You were our sweet baby girl.  You will always be the dog of my heart.  Just one more kiss.

Sweet Molly, you were always so happy just to be near me. I will miss the way you pranced with joy in your heart.  Know that you are loved and missed.  

Jan. 2000 - April 2007
Dear Little LuLu, Kay and Dave took you in when no one else wanted you. You brought them so much joy and happiness. Although your life was short, it was full and rich. We'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge.

In Loving memory for my best friend, I miss you so much, You are forever in are hearts. IN GODS HANDS
Sept 16 1994 - Feb 5 2007

You are sorely missed, Cros.  You were a great friend with an endearing personality.  I will miss the 'paw' games and seeing you show off your toys.  I love you.

My dearest and sweet little girl, Tabitha went to heaven on Sept 30 2006. Our lives will never be the same without you. We all miss you my angel and will always love you. Love Mama and the Boo-Boos

Our Dear Kora ... Your life was way too short. We were happy to be with you in the end. Rest in peace sweet Kora girl. Kiss the others for me when you meet them, and I'll see you someday in your sunny, perfect existence.   xoxox   Mom & Dad

After 21 years together, how will we ever fill this void in our hearts.  You were the most precious little angel to us.  You are now resting peacefully in God's loving arms.  You were the best kitty ever. We love you, Mommy and Daddy

Words cannot describe the pain I feel now that you are gone. I want you to know that I am so thankful that you were in my life.

We miss you so much, Baby. You know how much Ryan loved you & Cleo, too. His heart is breaking, too, without you here. I feel empty without you sitting on my shoulder. We will love you always, Babykakes; you will always remain forever in our hearts.

Flossie Belle
Feb 24, 1996- Apr 24, 2007 
You may be gone, but not forgotten. We love & miss you so much.  I know you are in heaven because I saw God's light. Be happy, my sweet, Flossie Belle. Love you forever. Mommy, Daddy, Elvis & Duke

George Harry Son
Just know that Mummy will love you forever. Bless your new brothers and watch over us. I miss you sweet man. XXX

The bestest spottiest dog ever. Thank you for all the smiles and the hugs.

Samantha and Mileena
Samantha left us too early and she waited at the rainbow bridge for her beloved sister Mileena to join her.  These were our Boxer girls and we loved them greatly.  They will always be in our hearts.  The Rickert family

It is with heavy heart that I have to let you go ... I loved you so and I will miss you ... Have fun with Maggie and Sugar who have gone before you ...

My Miss Betty, you have only been gone a day and already I can tell the permanent hole I will forever have in my heart and life now that you are gone. I miss you and love you so much.

Dear Baby, It's only been 2 months since you left me and I still feel empty and alone. I stare at your oil painting and cry like a baby. Losing you was like losing my will to go on. I look forward to the day I see you.

Gussie Ann
My funny girl, you made my laugh everyday. Meow, Sophie and I miss you terribly, but you are always with us in our hearts. I love you Funny Girl.

5/15/07 was a day of horrible loss;  you were a tiny dog who left a huge void in our lives!  We loved you dearly and miss you terribly.  I hope you're curled up on Grandma's lap right now!  We loved you so much, Lily!

You were always there for me in good times and in bad.  I loved you then and I continue to love you everyday of my life.  I miss you and I know that you are with me in spirit.

The angel in cat fur ...  it's been 5 yrs. and I still miss your in my face tiny mews.  RIP

You had the spirit of a puppy and our journey was not complete but I had to let you go.  Forgive me for not bringing you home from the Vet's on your last visit. Hope you are with Mimi and Frizzy now chasing them round the garden.

We love you and miss you so much. There isn't a minute that goes by, that we don't think of you. You will forever be in our hearts.

Marbles was a wonderful cat. We had Marbles in our family for over 18 years. He was always there when you needed him the most. We will all miss you VERY much Marbles, but we know you're in a better place.  LOVE YOU MARBLES <3

Jazzy Puff Daddy
Today is the one year anniversary; you departed this world and passed into the next.  We have seen your visitations and we love you and miss you. I burn another Memorial Candle for you today my boy in remembrance.

Nikita, I lost you today.  Words cannot describe the deep love and affection you gave me over the decade that you lived, loved and shared your life with me. Rest in Peace, old girl.  You'll be sorely missed and never be forgotten.

Casey B.
Case, we all miss you dearly & we will never forget you.  You were the best dog & friend we ever had.  Hope you were always happy & hope you are dining on Prime Rib every day. You deserve it.  All our love always.

Miss Hazelburry Kitten
May she pass peacefully, and delight all her new friends in Kitty Heaven with the same sweet, fluffy, darling smooshiness she shared with us here. 

Toby Wells
We will forever love and miss you, Toby.  You will always be one of the kindest and gentlest souls we have ever had the honor of knowing.  Please don't forget about us as we will never forget about you...

you meant the whole would to me and nobody can replace you and i had you spoiled rotten all the time. you will still be on my mind and i will never forget you because you were always there for me.  love always melanie

You were the best, smartest, most personable cat I've ever known. There is a hole in our hearts without you here with us. You were the best cat in the world and will always remain, forever in our hearts. Love, Mama, Daddy, Mike, Matt, Jen & Ryan

You were our first little one. We loved you more than anything. We will never forget all the joy that you brought to our lives. You are in our hearts and our thoughts everyday. We miss you.

I love you and miss you every day.  You were my best friend, so loyal and sweet.  You knew me so well and always loved me. I know I will see you again some day.  Rest in peace.

i miss you so much. not a day on my birthday goes by that i dont think of the last lick you gave me on my birthday. you brought so much joy and love into my life. you will never be forgotton  love mommy

July, 1992 ~ July, 2007
I can't believe you are really gone. I miss you so much. We love you. Rest now, you're out of pain.

6/20/91 ~ 7/9/07
You were my little girl, my grandma dog, my rock, my soul, my everything. I will miss everything about your life here on earth, but most of all I will miss seeing your big beautiful eyes. Until we meet again.  Your mom~ Julie

You were the most beautiful gray and cream cat I have ever seen. You had the greenest eyes that just melted my heart. You were almost 13 when you died. I miss you so much. You are now my fur angel and will always be in my heart.

My little "woo face", You are my soul mate. I fell in love the instant I held you in my arms. You were taken from us too soon. You changed my life forever and I will NEVER forget you. Love you more than words.

Your Mommy loves you so very much. You gave her so much love and joy over the years. We will miss you.

12/20/06 ~ 7/25/07
My dear sweet Molly: I will forever miss you and you took a piece of me with you when you left.  I love you more than words can say. Rest in peace, my sweet baby!!!  I love you, Mommy and Gabby

05/29/1991 - 07/28/2007
Baby Duck, we miss you so much, but we're so grateful for the 16 wonderful years you spent with us.  We have to believe that we will all be together again, somewhere.  We love you.

To my sweet girl, I love you and miss you so much. Bridgie, Katie, Bart and I wish you were still with us. I hope you are having fun at the bridge. We will never ever forget you and will love you forever. Love Mama and the Boo Boos.

i kept her ashes in my room i pray to god to keep her in his good hands i can still feel her somehow she talks to me in my mind i never told anyone she is a angel that turned into a butterfly thats her spirit

Girlie, Girl my life and house are so empty without you.  You brought a tremendous amount of comfort, joy, and love into my world and I am forever grateful ... LOVE BEYOND WORDS

Scooter 'Bug'
Scooter: I write you everyday and it makes me feel like you are here with me.  I'm sorry you got sick at only 6.  I hope you hear my thoughts then you will know just how much you meant to me. I just miss so much of you.  love and kisses!  MOM

Heidi, Momo, Max & Fuzz
each special. each loved. each missed every day.

Max Favreau
To the sweetest boy in the whole world. We love you so much!

We love you more then words can say. You brought us more love and joy than we could ever imagine. I would give up everything to have you back again. Our hearts are filled with emptiness and we long to see you just one more time.

1995 ~ August 15, 2007
You're my heart, my soul mate. Thank you for teaching me so much and touching the lives of so many friends. My furry, black, magical cat, Merlin. I will love you forever. Thank you. Your loving companion and Mom, Lee

March 22,  1998 - August 13, 2007
my love, you would always be in my heart forever. you were a very loving and funny siamese to me.  you will always be my love.  love, renee/mommy

Max Favreau
Max, you are the most loving, caring dog.  We love you forever!!!!

A gentle soul who touched everyone she met ... you will forever be in our hearts and missed forever ... we'll always love you !!!  Thank you for twelve wonderful years ... how blessed are we to have had the privilege to share your life with you.

March 22,  1998 - August 13, 2007
my love, you are now in peace. you are in a beautiful spot and i know that you are enjoying your new home.  you are around deer, frogs, and other siblings too.  you have fun and i will always love my tikki.  love, mommy

Tasha Glynn
Dear Tasha, we will hold your awesome and loving memory in our hearts always. Your loyalty, companionship, and love for your family will never be forgotten. You will be dearly missed but never forgotten.  Love Charles and Karen

It has been three years since he passed and I still miss him more and more each day.  He was a beautiful dog and I will always keep him in my heart.

7  months
Though you were with us only a short time, we loved you. You were a part of our family.  We will miss you very much.

We miss you every day. I'm so sorry you missed Nicholas' birth; you would have loved playing with him and watching him grow up. Our new rescue dog could never fill the enormous place you held in our hearts and lives. We miss you, sweetest girl.

We will be together again.  I love you so much.

Golden retriever, 07/27/95 - 09/15/07 -- the most gentle, loving soul I have ever known. I brought Casey home when he was not quite 3 and I was his third and forever mom. Casey, you were dearly loved and will be dearly missed.

Little dog on a chain
I watched you every day from my car - I tried to help you, but I was not brave enough to confront your family.  You are gone now, I hope your little spirit is finally free of that awful chain.

Mo left us last Friday - 9/21/07 - he was called to a Higher plain and he left quietly while no one was home to keep him from his journey.  He was so very loved and he created the most special spaces and times while he was here.

Gizmo, You were a funny Cat. I hope you are enjoying heaven. I will look for you up there when I get there. I will look for you with your crooked tail.  Love Gary.

Boomies- We love you so much. We couldn't have asked for a better dog. You brought so much joy to our lives. Your family misses you tremendously.  Love,  Daddy, Mommy, Murray, and Noel Gordon

Baby Cat
Sweet Baby, you are the most wonderful friend I ever had.  I miss you so so much.  Parting with you was the hardest thing in my life.  Thank for for 19 wonderful years, Meow.  I love you and think of you every day.

May 14, 2007-August 31, 2007
Rest in Peace, our beloved puppy.

"They say memories are golden well maybe that is true. I never wanted memories I only wanted you. In life I loved you dearly, In death I love you still. In my heart you hold a place no one could ever fill." Gone but never forgotten...

To my cat Samantha - forever in my heart - your short life filled my life with such warmth and love that can never be replaced.  My memories of you can never be taken away.  Rest in peace - I love you always.

Princess Lila
You will always be our little princess angel. Love forever, "Mommy Virginia." Butterfly kisses to you in Heaven every day we are apart!

To Our very sweet and loving little dog - we had to stop your suffering and you were ready to go ... we miss you so very much - Patty & Alexander

Juniper/Junie Moon
June 1997 - Nov 3, 2007
Oh, Moon. We miss you so.

MONTE (Montgomery King)
To my beautiful, wonderful little soulmate, Monte ~ We are so connected, I miss you with all of my heart. My heart loves your heart, my soul loves your soul and I love you, for always. Bless you, Sugarbear.  Love, Mommy

To the Feline Einstein, the smartest and most wonderful cat in the Universe:  We thank God for the love and laughter you gave us for twelve years.  Rest in peace, Tinkle Boy, until we meet again.

I still am crying for how much I miss you ... hope it won't be long till we are together again forever ... Big hug and kisses from dad

We miss you so much just to hold you close once more, till we meet again rest in angels arms. mommy and daddy

Anna Bananas, You are so desperately missed & you always will be. Words could never express the love we feel for you. Please stay around your Mommy & Daddy... they are missing you like crazy. You will forever be Missed & LOVED ~ The Doves Are Crying ...

Lily Raisin
Thank you for the 12 years of love you gave to us, little one.  We didn't want to let you go but moreso, we didn't want you to suffer.  You will always be remembered with great love and appreciation.  Be at peace, my little one.  Mom & Dad

To Bouncer - a beloved friend and long time companion of Susan Sibert.  It truly was heaven here with you.  We will greatly miss you and always hold you close to our hearts.

Sly Wonder & Buffyjo Wonder
10/19/2001-9/4/2007 & 6/17/2001-9/4/2007
To my best friends, I'm so sorry that I couldn't get you better. God only knows how I tried. I know now that you are out of pain & in a better place but I'm so lost without you both.  Thanks for loving me & bringing happiness & joy to my life. Bye for now my two furry angels. Your Momma

My Izzie we miss you. Our time together was way too short. I still feel I failed you. I carry your ashes in my amulet holding you close to my heart. 

Three years later, your soul and spirit are not forgotten. Never forgotten, but missed deeply.  I will always love you, Bighead. Love, Mom

I love you more than you will ever know- I hope I made your life a happy one. Thank you for your greatest gifts- Elvis and Woody.

We still think about you every single moment of every day. We love you so very much!!!!

Shelby Celebrado
I wanted to say I love you. You are the best dog in the world! Love, Michelle

In loving memory of my most treasured soul, Guinness.  I will hold you safe in my heart forever.  May your angel's wings bring you back to me often.  xx

God bless you my little love. Thank you for the lifetime of love and devotion. You are forever in my heart & deeply missed. Till we meet again.

Sly & Buffy
Sly and Buffy you were two  of the best dogs I've ever known. My heart is broken now since you both are gone. I love and miss you both so much. Life isn't the same without the both of you. Sending up a hug up to Doggie Heaven. Your step-momma Nan 

Oh my Thai, you are so missed and I love you so much. You were the sweetest kitty. Having you around was a big blessing to the both of us.  I will always miss you. I will always love you. Mommy

good dog ~ 1.15.2008

Little Bit
Little Bit, after 18 years I had to let you go 01/19/08 to join Big Shot (1989) over the Rainbow Bridge. I love and miss both of my furbabies. 

My precious Cleo. I miss you.

My feral cat who passed Dec. 10th in downtown Miami: I miss you everyday. Thank you for helping me with my fear of cats. You were my angel cat.

You were the best friend anyone could of ever had.  ShuShu you will always be in our hearts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To my Aspen: You were a very special girl and such a huge part of my life, I miss you everyday and forever.

For LL: You will live on forever in our hearts, Meagan. We pray you are as happy & healthy now as the newborn pup you once were.
Luv, TP & BS

God bless all the joy you gave to Jane, Robert, and William ...

We miss you so much! You were our lives, our princess, our social butterfly! Know that you will live in our hearts forever. We love you Mag!

September 1990 - February 2008
My beautiful girl, light of my life, 17 years was not enough; I miss you terribly. May Bast look over you and Spooky, keeping you safe. Love, Mommy

To our little "rat" - one of the sweetest ferrets ever. I know you are playing with Pippin, who also left us too soon. Mommy and Daddy love you always.

You're my angel, Charlie and I love you, and I miss you. My tears are never-ending and I long for the day I will see you again.   

Forever grateful. Forever loved. We will never forget you and will see you soon at the rainbow bridge. Shmee Shmee

I would like to thank her for giving us 15 wonderful yrs she was the best dog ever! We love her and miss her!

Our best friend. It was so hard to let you go, we love you and will never forget you. Love, Mom, Dad, brothers and sister.

1990 - 2008
Faithful & loving companion- source of joy and comfort for 18 years. You've been in my heart since the moment I held you in my hand.

The best corgi ever, met today in love by her friends at the Rainbow Bridge ...

Samantha, we will miss you dearly.  You lived a very long life.  I hope to see you in heaven.  Love you so much. xoxo.

We were lucky enough to have Lucky for 17 years.  We will miss him forever.
Love you Lucky, Pat, Jeannine and Andrea

You were our best friend. Always happy and loving. We miss you very much. Remy

You are always in my thoughts, I love and miss you with all my heart. The Angels will take care of you. We will all be together in the next life.

We miss your beautiful blue eyes and great character.  You made us better people.  Love, Mom

"Gator eyes" you were a funny boy.  We wish you safe passage to a new healthy life!  Tia and Tio

Dear Nala, thank you for carrying me through the toughest years.

Kirby Dirbs
My sweet little monkey face baby with the best puppy purrs.  My heart goes with you across the Rainbow Bridge.

Our hearts are breaking. We miss you so much, sweet Cleo. You were so much more than just a pet. You will always remain forever in our hearts.

You were with us for too short a time and we will miss you greatly.

Sam Choppin
Sam, We saved you from being alone. In turn you gave us respect and love. You will always be in our thoughts. Have Fun in that doggy heaven above.

Mama Kitty
I love and miss you so much.  I will see you again at the Rainbow Bridge.

My little darling Reggie.  Your gentle spirit will live in my heart forever, as will my love for you. I'll see you again, my sweet boy.

Sande Mayer
Thank you for 15 wonderful years of joy and laughter.  Wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge

Hi Peanut, We all miss you and love you. Always watch down on your mommy and daddy and your two sisters.

Rex (aka Winky)
We love you and miss you, and look forward to knowing we will see you in heaven.  God bless.

Hi Sweets, I hope your having a nice time with Fluffy C. getting ready for the parade.  Miss you and Love YOU

1991 ~ June 11, 2008
You will always be in our hearts & no other could ever take your place. Be happy in heaven and we'll be together again some day.

To our wonderful dog and very best friend, you will be missed and I will always say goodnight to you always.

Samantha Casanove
Dear Sami, You'll be in my heart forever. I love you so very much. I'll miss you, sweetie. Love, Aunt Pat

I miss your sweet face next to mine on the pillow at night and love you miss you very much.  Love, Mommy

May you rest in peace among the angels.

Sophie Kneib
We will remember you always with great love and a tender smile. Run, Sophie, run.

Words cannot express the joy you gave me. I pray we are reunited, someday, over Rainbow Bridge.  I love you, sweet boy.  You are in my heart always.

I'm broken and lost without you, Data.  I love you.  You were my soul mate.  Thank you for bringing  happiness to so many. Until we meet again, my sweet boy.

To my buddy - You were always there, no matter what, and you loved unconditionally. Rest now, my friend - no more pain. I love you, Max. Good Boy.

My baby boy,  my heart has not stopped crying since the minute you left me. Every thought is of you, and every night I pray to spend my dreams with you.

My Tootsie Pie, Mommy misses you so much. My life is so empty without you. Please come see Mommy in her dreams.

Bless our beloved Harley hamster.   She will be missed.  She was a very
special hamster. We love you Harley!!!

You were so much bigger than your little Peke body.  Thank you for allowing me to love you Trigger wigger.

The hand of God shall hold you, The peace of God enfold you, The love that dreamed and formed you still surrounds you here today.

Hi Sweets, we miss you!  Your new sister is crazy!  Continue to watch over us!!!  We love you!  Mommy, Daddy, Zorro, Honeygirl and Celeste

I  found your candle in the Goodwill store and brought you to my home to share my memorial with my furry friends and I know that they are more than happy to do so as I am.  Have fun at Rainbow Bridge.  Love Martha & Furry Friends

Duke & Dinkie
My  Bichon buddies, I love & miss you, I miss your kisses, I will meet you on the Rainbow Bridge. Love, Mom

Max Forgues
You are missed more than words can say Max. You gave us so much joy and love~ you will forever be in our hearts. We miss you and Honey so very much.

Killare Kendall(Gurl)
I will love you forever and more than life itself. I pray you are in heaven should there be one. 17.5yrs. isn't enough time being together.

Fluffy & Sweetie
Merry Christmas Ladies!  We love you & miss you!!!

Tonto, Our Faithful Companion
To our dear, sweet Tonto, who wandered up to our door one night. You won our hearts immediately. We will never forget you.

Brookie, as we all knew you.  A wonderful & loving companion.  May the angels kiss you & take care of you for you are at peace now, our friend.

Bandit Beiter
Bandit you were my right hand man for 14 years and my inspiration for starting Siberian Husky rescue. You were a tough boy right to the end.

Lovey Dovey Mallin
Came into our life June, 1997. Went to be God's pet December 30, 2008.

Please be safe and warm, waiting for me at the Bridge.  I miss you. Love always, Mom

You were mommy's world and when Rylie was born you were her best friend. 2 months later she still looks for you. Mommy misses you so much.

Please stay warm and safe till we meet again.  Who is taking care of you now?  Mom

You were the most loved dog I've ever known. Please take care of my mom and Patti and I know you and Casey will be happy to see on another.

Hunny-ba Mischka
Thanks for being my peke/friend, nevr stop loving you. See you in 70y. Good bye for now, you such a ham. Honor to know you. You the best.

My world smiled with your happy face and wagging butt, sweet goofy smile, those big paws, Godspeed Marvity Marv, Marv-O-the-Marvelous!

Over 3yrs have passed since you were taken too soon My Handsome Coon Cat. I will never stop loving you, you will always be my one and only, My Best Friend.

I know you're in a better place now. You lived a hard short life outside. Thank you for trusting me. You are loved. Never Forgotten.

 Nov 1997 to Jan 29, 2009
Misha - You were the best little dog a family could hope for. We miss you dearly.   We will always love you, bear.  Love, Christine and Tim

My Magic.  We spent 20 years together. We had so much fun & heartbreak. When you and I would ride the hills, all would be perfect. Love, Your Mom

May you rest in peace with your sister sweet angel.

2001 ~ 2009
We miss the sunshine you brought to us and we can't wait to see you again.  Find Drizzy and stay with him until we see you again.  Love Joan and Gueny

1994 ~ 2001
Drizzy I miss you still.  I can't wait to see you again.  Find Alustriel and stay with her until we can see each other again.  Love Joan

Sassy passed away during the night of February 20, 2009. She's safe now. Rest in peace, dearest Sassy. You were the best of the best.

Our Beloved Dante
Words can't express the sadness in our hearts as we say goodbye. We love & miss you & pray you are at peace now, dear sweet boy. Mama, Daddy, Peggy, Payton

Hannah Jane
You were my sunny girl! You brought me great joy! You are  in our hearts and spirits. I hope you are having fun in Heaven. We miss you. Love Michelle

Retired Police service Dog: Belgian Rottweiler, 1998 to 2008, dearly missed.

"... Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears,but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you ... I loved you so- 'twas heaven here with you."

1991 ~ 2009
My precious furbaby.  You were the light of our lives.  You brought so much joy, happiness and hope.  Your love was truly unconditional.   Momi & Daddy

Magic, you are missed every day. I hope you are running with all your friends in "horse Heaven."  God Speed, my boy. Your Mom

YOU have been a part of my life, blessed to have you in my life for 14 years. You were a constant friend and companion. I love you so much. Karen

In memory of dear and much loved little Bobo who was dearly loved and will
be greatly missed by his beloved Jenny.

Dearest Mudge, Thanks for keeping my dear friend Debra company for so long.

Happy Easter my sweets. We all love you and miss you.

Zoey, today you have gone to meet your cousin Sweetie. We will always remember you and love you. Love Aunt Leslie

Please say a prayer for my friend's beautiful kitty, Coco, who is crossing the Rainbow Bridge today after a long fight with mammary cancer.

You were my children's "other mother". Tell Frank, Grandaddy, and Princey we love them until we can tell them ourselves. We love you.

 To my beloved cat Dimitri (nickname: Meesewee).  You will be missed my sweetheart.  I love you and you are forever in my heart.

Stray Female Dog
Please rest in peace beautiful girl.  Your best friend is missing you so much and has a broken heart. Love you.

You were truly a blessing.  No more suffering.  I'll see you one day at the Rainbow Bridge.

Dexter, we miss you very much.  We miss your meows, giving you belly rubs, and giving the smiles you gave us.  We love you.

02/1994 - 04/2009
My Huddybear, heaven waits to embrace you as I have. May you go knowing I loved you so and forever rest in peace my dear friend.

Buttons.  you will always be in my heart.

Penny Rivas
You were an angel here on earth. Rest now and be well little girl. You will be missed by many. Love Aunt Mandy

Saffy Bobo
Love you always little saffy and we will see you again.

Stella, I miss you baby girl ~ you will forever be in my heart.

Sami Sunshine
May Rebecca and Chito heal during this painful time. While the sun has set, it shall rise again! Love, The Flying Doggies! pack

You are my beautiful angel who just wanted to be loved. I gave you all the love i had and i thank you for all the joy you brought me.

You were a shy, special cat. You will be missed. You were loved, always. Laura

April 1987 - April 2009
I hear you. Are you with me? I miss you so, but glad youíre at peace. Loving you & being loved by you for 22 years was my honor. With all my heart, Mom

Casey Jones
Our home doesn't seem the same without you. May we meet again someday.
Love, Mommy, Daddy, Maggie and Murphy.

Bambi Troxell
Sweet Bambi, how we miss you, and Love you! Wait for us at rainbow bridge so we can be together again! Love Mom , Dad , Crystal and Holly

Bruno Anthony
You were the BEST dog ever!!!!! ... May you rest in peace... Thanks for the wonderful 19 years... I will miss you... Luv, Mommy

We all loved you so much, and I hope you know that! You brought much joy to our lives in just the short time we had you. We will love & miss you always!

Please pray for my cat, he is going thru kidney issues.  I don't want him to suffer and I pray that I know when the right time is to let him go.

Max Chandler
Max left this earth on 7/7/2009.  He is surely missed.
Go play in Heaven, Max.
Love Gary and Karen

Chilley, you were my one true friend.

Our dear friend, we miss you terribly.

You were such a sweet girl.  Now that I'm grown up and older I realize how special you were.  I have never forgotten you.

You will forever live in our hearts! We all loved you and will miss you!
Sleep well our little Manney- Tina

It's been 5 years without you. I miss you each and every day.

We will miss you our little Brownie... you brought so much joy to all of us, especially Lucky.

r.i.p. saffie our baby girl love you lots
chase all the mice and birds now at rainbow bridge

Saffy Bobo
Love you Saffy BoBo. Have fun with Taffy and Molly. You will always be in my heart.

To my little Toby Boy. I miss you so much. I am glad that you went peacefully in my arms. I love you with all my heart.  Gina Biondo

We still love and miss You so very much. We go on because we know you are playing fetch with god. It will be so good to see you again in heaven.

We miss you so much our darling Waldo Frederick. You will always be our furry little darling.

Sandy misses her Mo more than words can say.

Too Soon.  You were too young.  I love and miss you.  Meet up with Noel, Joy Big Boy and Magic till I see you again. Mom

Honey. My love.  So young, 6. So sorry you have to go like this  I pray your transition is easy. I promise you 1 thing, I will be with you. Your Mom

You meant so much to all of us. We all treasured the time that you were here on this earth with us. We will never forget you.

Our beautiful feisty girl, you are missed every day. We love you with all our hearts. Mommy, Daddy, Cody and Noel

Buddy, a big funny fawn greyhound boy.  Run with the angels sweet boy.

One year since you've been gone.  I miss you more with each day.  I hope all is good with your new "home".  I hope to see you soon. Your Mom

You were so young, so full of life.  I will fight cancer in your name forever.
Your Mom

My beautiful boy. You were always there for me when I needed you. I love you and miss you. Mom

Homer Igert
You loved us greatly and were greatly loved. We miss you, Homer.

God bless you Dylan.  Thank you for all of the joy you brought us all. Rest in the arms of the angels.

Baby Clyne
My darling Baby I held you in my arms for 14 years and now I hold you in my heart. Wait for me, sweetheart, I will be there soon. Love, Mommy

Alpha Doppy 5month old Min Pin
Dear baby boy, we love you so much and now you aren't suffering. We will all see you again in heaven. Love you forever.

I'll always remember you big guy. I'm a better person for knowing you.  May you rest in peace and always know that I loved you!

June 1996- June 22, 2009
Buddy I miss you  and you will be a part of my heart always.

My love my heart in the sky and worlds apart you have a place that's in my heart I miss you so I accept your death won't ever let you go I love you

You took a piece of my heart, the day I had to let you go. I will miss you forever, my babygirl.

Our Grand Dog has gone to heaven. We had 13 wonderful years together.  We will meet again. Oma & Opa

My pet rat Happy died Jan 24, 2010. She was old and fragile. Although she was a rat, she was a real friend. I miss her dearly.

Blaze McLean
Blaze, our summertime get togethers will not be the same without your wagging tail there.  Thank you for the blessing of knowing such a wonderful dog.

Murphy & Chivas
Guys, y'all made our Christmas very sad! Murphy 15 and Chivas 16 died Saturday after Christmas.   Love your family and friends

Cheech & Brownie
I love and miss you guys so much. RIP boys.

I miss you with all my heart and soul.   Your gentle and sweet spirit will always be with me.  I love you forever and a day.  Goodbye, my baby girl.

You left this earth one month ago.   It was so hard to let you go.   My life is not the same without you.  I miss you more than you will ever know.

You were my life, my best friend, my heart. I miss you more than I can stand and love you forever.

God, We only knew Jasmine a short time but she touched r hearts. We know that she is there, warming your heart the way she did rs. Plz keep her in ur arms.

Oreo passed away on 7/24/2010  I miss him so  much, Oreo was a Boston Terrier.

I miss you every day. I will never stop loving you ... until we meet again.

Beloved Bailey, gentle soul and free spirit. We'll hear your song in the woods in our hearts forever.  Moose River, NY

I love you and I miss you.

I miss you everyday that goes by, until I hold you in my arms again.

I look up at the stars every night and tell you I love you and miss you, hope you hear me.

My dear Cleo went missing nine months ago aged 7 months. I never ever found her and grieve for her so badly.  I hope you are safe my darling girl.

We will miss you terribly "bubba." We hope that you can now play with Teddy up in heaven.  Love, your uncles Greg and Scott

Rhody Payton
Rhody we miss you! 3 weeks tomorrow you departed and life is not the same ... we love you! ~Robert, Bailey and Cooper

Paris was the love of my life, and an important part of my family. I love, and miss you.

Deana misses you more than words can say. Wherever you are Grimace Merry Christmas and always remember you are loved.  Your friend always.  Rosie

Dec 29, 2010
Thank you for all the joy and protection you brought me and my family. You were our Lion King. Love always, mommy, mitchell, and snap.

We will miss you our little Neva. You left us too soon.

Samantha (Sam)
My little angel Sam, may god be with her and keep her comforted, I miss you and love you so Sam.

08-1995 to 01-15-2011
Gazzie, You will always be in my heart. I hope you know how much you were loved and will be missed.

Sept 1992-January 20,2011
In Memory of my Siamese Cat "Kitty" who I had for 19 years. I miss him so much... but now he no longer is in pain.

We miss you so much! You are our angel and have filled our lives with so much joy. Never forget your family. Hugs and tons of kisses my pooky bear <3

Squeeky Belle Winky
Our dear cat Squeeky left our side on 2/7/11 after 17 years. She was a faithful companion and she will be missed and remembered in our hearts forever.

To our beautiful Humphrey
Thank you for being the best dog we have ever known. You were so loving, loyal & sweet. Love from Mummy, Barbara & Colby

Baby face Pebbles
2/95 - 3/11
Our beautiful sweet and lovable baby girl. You loved and kissed everyone. You made us smile everyday and you are missed by all. R.I.P. until we are all together again, We love you so much xoxo

Sunny naps, tasty treats and smooth rides to you, wherever you are. I love you and I will see you again someday... please wait for me.

I will love you and miss you all of my life. I will see you again someday... please wait for me.

Our time together was short, Abby-girl, but you left a hole in my heart when you went away. Until we meet again at the Bridge...

For Bailey who was so loved and loved unconditionally.

Cody Michael Baker
 I love you Cody. It is hard being without you, I miss you.  Wait for me on  the Rainbow Bridge, I will be looking for you.  Love Mom & Dad & Leon

Snugs, We love and miss you so much!!!!  We will see you again at the Rainbow Bridge. Til then my sweet, sweet boy.  Love always,  Mama & Daddy

Dear Inca, you were such a gift to us! We miss you terribly.  It's way too quiet without you.  Bindi misses you too.

May Heaven be filled with runs and balls.

Nov. 17th 1994 - May 20th 2011
For I will whisper into her heart that I am always with her, I am... forever and ever.

Spenser Ezekiel
Missing your two kisses, one for now and one for then... Run fast, free, catch a corgi! Meet you at the Bridge!

Belle, Reggie, Spooky, Andy, Ollie
Belle, Reggie, Spooky, I miss you, and we'll meet again! Much eternal love! Andy and Ollie, even though I never knew you, I wish you much love. I'll meet you someday at the Bridge.

Thank You for all the Joy and Love babygirl. Chihauhau's ARE special. mommy n daddy

Mr. Floyd
He passed on 10/06/2011. He was the best boy ever! and was 19 years old. He is at peace now. His Kerby is lost without him. Lisa & Bob, CT

To mommy's good boy. On the day that our paths first crossed, I truly believe that an angel came into my life.  I miss you so very much. 

Lucy my angel I miss you so much. You were a lovely little dog & I was lucky to have you 15 years. RIP Angel. xx

Cuddles, I will miss you so much. Kitty heaven will be a better place for you. Grama, Grampy, and Poppy will make you feel welcome. I love you.

Always in my heart. I found u abandoned and afraid. But so loving and kind. Thank u for the joy u brought to me.

Chunky Monkey
You earned your wings on December 29th, 2011. Thank you for giving me 5 years. I will miss your happy feet dance my Chunk Monk

Thank you dear girl for being such a sweet kitty. You never complained or asked for anything special. Sorry if you suffered.

Poor sweet love. You will be missed. Sorry there was not enough love  for you.

You will be missed special boy. You had such a beautiful coat! You endured alot.

Scotch, my little love bug, you live on in my heart and always will. Thank you for your love and companionship.

Please have a wonderful time in heaven playing with Max and Princess at Coeur D'Alene. Daddy and I will be with you soon baby, love you <3

Me-2 Dude
Mom & dad really miss you but Miss. Lola misses you the most!

Mom & dad miss you lots and you will be 4ever in our hearts!

Tutter Mutter what a surprise to find you gone! You will definitely be missed my friend.

We love you. You will live in our hearts forever; 13 years were too short. Thank you for teaching us so much, doll. Fly with the angels.

Standing beautiful and proud to be 17
"I'm happy to be me". See you in Heaven, Rosie.

Molly Griffith
Molly, I only knew you briefly but you have left soft paw prints on my heart.  May your crossing of the the rainbow bridge be swift and peaceful.

I'm sorry I wasn't there to see you off for the next part of the journey.  "Goodbye old Man"  Love you.  Ang

We miss you Coco head. See you in heaven when it's time for us to reunite.
Love you always ...

We got more years with you than we deserved and miss you more each day. We love you!

Not a day goes by where I donít think about you. I would give anything to hold you in my arms again. You are the best thing that ever happened to me.

This little rescue dog was a part of my brother's family.  She lived a long, happy life with them. I pray they only remember the good times they had.

Belka was cheerful and loyal dog. I miss every day the rest of my life.

You were beautiful inside and out! We miss you already-love Alfredo , Kathy, Leah, Zack and Lucy

You came to us on a cold rainy winter day.
You left us on the first day of summer.
I will miss and love you always.

Gentle soul. Inspiration to so many. You took your blindness and ailments in stride. Rest in Peace, Stash. Until we meet again.

It is 1 year ago today (17th November) that I had to let you go to sleep, my angel Lucy, I love and miss you more than words can say. I love you. xxx

Lucy Green
RIP my lovely little angel. I love and miss you, Love, Mum xxx

You will be missed by all of us. We love you.

10 years you gave us happinesswe miss you so much but you are free from pain now so sad to let you go always in our hearts love mum&dad

Shammy will always be with you, Debbie. She is part of your soul.

We will always love you & miss you. Thank you for being Rosa's best friend and now her angel. Until we meet again, run free with Charlie!

My deepest sympathy to a dear friend, Evelyn, on the loss of her beloved companion and friend, David. A little dog who was a love to her and all....xx

I have no purpose now that you're gone ... but I will get through this. I love and miss you incredibly.

Tyson Sullivan
Perhaps they are not stars in the sky, but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy.

Good Bye my Sweet Minou. Thank you for eight years of loving companionship. I will always love you. Mama

Safe passing my sweet Zoe. Your family loved you more than life itself.  You will be deeply missed.

May God keep you in his tender care. We love you. You will be surely missed. Love mommy and daddy.

My best boy, Frankie taught me how to not focus on what's gone, but what's left to experience during the finite days we have left.

She came into my life when I my son passed away & she truly helped me thru the worst time of my life.  I miss you much, Mom

Bridge Rhodes
I miss you so much my baby boy, you will be forever in my heart, love you forever. God bless & keep you. Tino arohanui mai, kia kaha. Mama & papa. XOOX

Dear Lord , Please receive in to your care my beautiful doggie Spikey. 
Thank you Lord for your gift of Spikey in my life. Amen

Sweet Molly
We all love & miss you so much. Little Sid is lost without you. I hope you are in dog heaven. <3

My arms ache to hold you, I miss you so much. I will love you forever and ever. I know Ill see you again, but its hard to wait.

Buddy- Bergart/Spoczyk
Sweet Buddy, You were only with us for a moment, but we loved a lifetimes worth~ You changed us all for the better. We will miss you forever.

Until we meet again my love. We know you'll be waiting from up above. Good night my stinky puppy.

You are now with Max and Marsh watching over us with the same Love you shared on Earth. You are loved dearly. Until we meet again.

Muffy Marie
10 yrs of unconditional love. Mommy misses & loves you so very much. I love you Muffy. Rest now my sweet precious baby.

My heart is broken.  I loved you more than life. When I needed a hand you gave me your paw... Foreverz. Mommy

Gizmo Russell
Please pray for my friend Kathy & her family as they grieve the loss of their precious pet Gizmo. She will be deeply missed.

My beautiful Bella.  I will forever miss you by my side.